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Final straw - Ombudsman now.

posted by Annie41 | A year ago

The time has come - after having an ongoing complaint for over 9 weeks, constantly being placed on hold or being promised call backs (which never happen) the final straw tonight has made me snap!

Finally it was agreed that we would have our meter changed as clearly it wasnt working properly. The appointment was booke for today between 16.00 - 20.00. We waited, and waited. Nothing. Finally I called Scottish power again and after another 30 minutes on hod was told ' yes it was booked for today but was cancelled due to no capacity' No capacity!!!

What about no decency in calling and at least advising me! 

This is without even mentioning that my account  currently stands at over £1100 in credit!!

The Obudsman it is.

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posted by standish | A month ago
Re: Final straw - Ombudsman now.


posted by standish | 15 minutes ago
Re: Smart meter ihd not working
since april 2019, my ihd mark 2 has not work.i have phone scottish power two many time to remeber .excuse after excuse . they say malaysia or some other country is sorting out the dater promblem, this must be some kind of breach to they advertisement that they are putting on the media. that this works .i am starting a nother year till 2021, i dont think they no how to sort out the problem. my be there not bothed. just want our money. i bet they do not read any of these complaines