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posted by jggl | 2 months ago
Re: Fit meter readings
Is anyone else as exasperated as I am about the incompetence of Scottish Power. My wife died 10 months ago. I sent all the paperwork in February to get the solar energy FIT ID account transferred to me in order to receive payments. I am still waiting. At least six phone calls made and numerous emails sent. Unbelievable incompetence on their part all the way. I am now saving all correspondence to send in to Which Magazine and the BBC You and Yours Programme. But I’d be interested to know if anyone else has had a similar problem? They owe me more than £1000 and at this rate I’ll be dead before they pay up.

posted by cotswold-FIT | 2 months ago
Re: Fit meter readings

I raised a formal complaint about the awful FIT-reading service but it has got nowhere - absolutely nowhere!  I am now looking to transfer elsewhere.