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Gas Meter Reading

posted by Anne1966 | 6 months ago


     Im currently switching providers and ScottishPower have asked for a Gas Reading, My reading at home as 4 Digits AND 2 Digits in red, on the website it had FIVE boxes to fill, ive tried the 4Digits on their own but it doesnt submit the reading.

Any Ideas.

Thanks in advance


posted by Davc | 6 months ago
Re: Gas Meter Reading

@Anne1966     Dear me Anne we have answered this so many times, you need to add an extra 0 at the start, so if your reading is 1234 you input 01234, everyone knows that. Ha Ha


posted by Anne1966 | 6 months ago
Re: Gas Meter Reading

Thx for the reply,

                                   I  was thinking that was the way to do it, but wasnt 100% sure, just wanted to check before i inputted the reading.

Many Thx.