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Gas Meter is Dead ,getting no display

posted by Rusky63 | 4 months ago

Hi just after a little help or advice .My Gas meter has since Oct 10 2021 stopped giving any readings and it's also made the smart meter show no Gas Usage recorded .This means SP cannot pick up any meter reading nor can I supply SP with any .The electricity is fine as I can read the meter ok and SP can get readings from the smart meter also .I have tried many times pressing buttons in the gas meter (as suggested on the community in various posts) but it does not respond ,the screen is still blank and shows nothing.I have phoned SP a few times and spoken to various customer agents who have told me ,yes they are aware of this and it's been noted but it's not urgent and will be looked into but they cannot say when .I've also been told it's possibly not getting a signal for the gas (seems odd as electric meter is fine and both are nearby).Was told if I moved to another supplier they would have the  same problem.

How they hell can I find out how much I am paying or might owe as it's now been 3 and a half months and I'm sure I've used more power this period than before.Even if I want to leave SP (and I'm thinking of it) I won't be able to give final readings or new readings to a new supplier .The customer services told me it's not anything SP can do as it's the supplier of the gas meter who are having the problem.When SP access my account they cannot get access to anything other than sorry we have no gas readings .Yet I still get a reminder to send them one .How can I get a gas meter reading when the meter is dead and who can I contact to take it further ?



posted by DavC1 | 4 months ago
Re: Gas Meter is Dead ,getting no display

@Rusky63    It's a common problem and easily fixed, the gas meter is battery powered and a new battery needs to be fitted.  Tell customer services that you need a new battery in the gas meter.   By the way the gas meter and display unit both contact the electric meter, the electric meter does the communication to SP. 

posted by Cilrob | 2 months ago
Re: Gas Meter is Dead ,getting no display

I have had no reading on my gas meter since mid January 2022. I've phoned Scottish Gas twice and been told the battery in the meter display is dead and it could take upton 1 year for someone to come out and replace the battery !!!! I'm told they can get a reading so they can still bill me and it isn't a problem. How do they get a reading if I can't get one ?? 

posted by DavC1 | 2 months ago
Re: Gas Meter is Dead ,getting no display

@Cilrob   That's is interesting, there must be enough battery power left to send a weak radio signal to the electric meter, which then passes on the reading to SP,  but the battery is not strong enough to light up the display.  You should see a reading on your smart display unit.   
Also interesting that they say they can't change the battery for a year, that sounds like such made up rubbish that it can't be true, it is a very quick job to change a battery and they must have enough contractors to offer a faster service than a one year delay. 

posted by scotty2124 | A month ago
Re: Gas Meter is Dead ,getting no display
My gas meter and elec meter are also blank 2 years I've been trying to communicate with these knuckle scrappers fron the planet ZORG I thort the idea of a smart meter was ( YOU CAN KEEP AN EYE ON WOT UR USEING IN POUND AND PENCE YET IAM COMPLETELY in the dark ..thay tell me the meter are working and thay will not do anything about them NOW thay mailing me saying I must by law provide an up to date reading zorg must be the most rude ignorant planet in the solar system I spoz the engineer is many light years away yet these people are rude the most unhelpfull creatures to visit are plant bet thay still think the Fallopian tube is underground in London

posted by scotty2124 | A month ago
Re: Gas Meter is Dead ,getting no display
Thay won't to keep us in the dark as thay have there hands in our pockets 2 years I've had the same I just will not talk to them any more I sick of the daily calls telling me I need to supply on up to date readings eeeerrrr (HALAL) SCREENS ARE BLANK I'll get back to you in a couple of years when I've finished picking my toe nail as you have said to me many times it's not a priority but look iam not a rude person like you lot so I've took it upon myself to hire an engineer at mown cost to get this sorted as you have no intention of doing so the cheapest I could get is not to far from where you studied your customer service skills on the planet ZORG AS YOU KNOW ITS MANY LIIGHT YEARS AWAY so the engineer could be a while I'll keep you informed thankyou and goodbye ow and learn to (speak propa England like I did wen I was a children)

posted by metermaid | 2 weeks ago
Re: Gas Meter is Dead ,getting no display

I have phoned numerous times and been told it is a computer glich ,I am not to worry as they know about it and are still recieving my direct debit.. They won,t be recieving it for much longer as it will be cancelled and they can run after me.

Very bad service.