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Gas and Electricity tariffs

posted by Brian | 4 years ago

I am an existing SP customer yet I can get a better SP tariff if I 'switch to SP' than if I stay with you.... makes no sense...!!!


posted by Capyboppy | 4 years ago
Re: Gas and Electricity tariffs

Do you mean you can get a better tariff if you switch through a comparison web site? If so, yes, that is something I have found out just in time.

It is crazy that when our tariffs are coming to an end they can't give us loyal customers the best deal direct instead of us having to look around first. I for one will probably be moving to Bulb as soon as they join the Warm Energy scheme. As they pay any exit fees there is nothing to lose; only higher tariffs :-)

posted by Brian | 4 years ago
Re: Gas and Electricity tariffs

Yes... I called SP... took over 2 hours to get to talk to anyone... another story... and they confirmed that SP are offering a much better tariff but only if you go through a comparison site,..  in other words to get this deal you, a loyal custome  have to disclose all your details to the switching site... I will leave you to make your own mind up why SP have done this I know what I think and it invloves what I consider to be very underhand practices relating to money and 'valuable' personal data.... 

I refuse to play their despicable game and am now in the process of swithcing to another company.. without going through a comparison site...