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Gas and Electricity tariffs

posted by mrslynnie | 3 years ago

Totally fuddled about changing my tariff. Why is the standard variable rate so MUCH cheaper than other tariffs? It’s a massive difference.  No tie in. And why are the current fixed rates so MUCH more expensive than they were?  Thinking...fixed is a way of fleecing customers on the sly! 



posted by LJay | 3 years ago
Re: Gas and Electricity tariffs

There has been a massive hike in the daily standing charge recently which can account for up to a £150 yearly difference between the new fixed tariffs and previous fixed tariffs. The variable tariff has a smaller standing charge than the fixed rate tariffs which will account for around £36 per year.

posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Gas and Electricity tariffs

Hello Lynnie, the fixed price tariffs have not changed since the Autumn, but the variable Standard tariff has reduced because of the government price cap. The Standard cap will be raised again in April according to the press.  Look at your bills and you will see the daily standing charge and p/kWh unit.  Some standing charges are high but that is because it suits some customers to have low unit costs. Other tariffs have a low standing charge but a higher unit cost, this suits low energy users.

If you think costs have gone up , is it because your 12 month contract is ending?  Prices were much lower 12 months ago. 

posted by robandjulia | 3 weeks ago
Re: Gas and Electricity tariffs

I am currently on a fixed tariff expiring at the end of June. When I click in my account to find future options, it only comes up with two extortionate fixed rate options. Standard Variable Rate isn't mentioned.  The quoted unit rates for gas and electricity are respectively 48.14p and 27.2p  - 2.7 times and 4.8 times what I am currently paying. The estimate of the total that I will pay is totally inaccurate, as it seems to assume that I use virtually no gas. I can only think that Scottish Power are trying to rip me off. Nowhere on the website can I find the option to switch to  Standard Variable Rate. I will need to waste hours trying to talk to someone and sort this out.

posted by DavC1 | 3 weeks ago
Re: Gas and Electricity tariffs

@robandjulia   In order to get standard variable tariff you just do nothing when your fixed rate expires, you automatically get the standard rate which is approx 7.4p/kwh for gas and 28p/kwh for electricity.  DO NOT apply for a new fixed rate tariff.    I could not understand the rates you quoted  '48.14p and 27.2p'   the gas would be impossibly expensive and the electricity looks like a bargain.

posted by LYN2022 | 3 weeks ago
Re: Gas and Electricity tariffs

Can anyone help me as I am tearing my hair out not knowing what to do and feeling really tearful.

My fixed tariff ends on 31st May 2022, currently paying £91.54 a month for  ( combined Gas/Elec by D/D).

Just had online reminder to re new, only offer being  one offer for fixed 1 year rate =  £296.00 month D/D  =  £3,552.00 Year !!!   I submitted my meter readings like they asked last night.  

Normally most other years it's been appx  £1,150.00  per year.

I dont know what to do should I let it expire & go just go on Standard Variable rate ?



posted by DavC1 | 3 weeks ago
Re: Gas and Electricity tariffs

@LYN2022   Yes Definitely, let it expire and go onto the standard variable rate, it will be cheaper than a new fixed deal.