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posted by Mel1611 | 2 years ago
Re: Gas prepay debt
Check your start read when u moved to Scottish power. But go to ombudsmen ive threatened legal action also so ive just had 2 emails the keep rebilling account dumb asses they are

posted by nadiakhan | 2 years ago
Re: Gas prepay debt
Yeah I top up through card and it’s a prepay meter

posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: Gas prepay debt

Hi Nadia, it’s a mystery, I thought once you have used the credit your power cuts off. You need to speak to SP and ask for an explanation. 0800 027 0072. 

posted by tinydog | A year ago
Re: Gas prepay debt
Having a nightmare with Scotish power as my address is 25 and you have me down as number 26 so my argument is how could i possibly have a debt on my gas I’m on a quantum meter & Pay as you go I’m getting very impatient with this it’s becoming a problem I didn’t ask for

posted by Missrocker88 | 4 months ago
Re: Gas prepay debt
Same, I have a prepayment gas meter and electric credit meter! I moved in a year ago and the amount of times I've told them on chat the gas is prepayment and that they have been billing me since 2019 for gas till now when they shouldn't be,ive tried ringing can never get through to prepayment always pay monthly, I've spoke to several ppl over a few days and getting no where! It's rather annoying. I've even sent them a photo of my.gas meter holding the card showing my credit on the account but also I've been paying charges on prepayment to for someone else's debt

posted by Connie | 4 months ago
Re: Gas prepay debt

So how does this work?  You use an electrical appliance in your home, the electricity it is using is registered on a meter and stops when you have finished using the appliance. I am not stupid - that is right, yes?  I have not used any new appliances in my home for the past ten years at least.  I use minimal electricity.  Washing machine 3 - 4 times a week, kettle 4-5 times a day, electric oven once a day, shower daily. I have lived in the same property for the past ten years or more. So how can I owe a debt as SP are claiming?  The bill is around £900 per year just for those appliances and I mostly live on my own.  I am told that I owe £79??  If the meter is set wrong - the company would be able to reset this from source just in the same way they put these debts onto your key?  If the appliance is using more electricity then it would register on the meter.  So can anyone give me any technical details on how you can suddenly be in debt when the meter registers every appliance usage? I have a meter so that I DON'T owe any money - what is the point of having a meter which incurs debts?


posted by tsmoreland324 | A week ago
Re: Gas prepay debt

I'm in some what of the same boat here. I swapped to scottish power 3 years ago on the promise they would install smart prepay meters as soon as they became available. The meters were eventually installed almost 2 years ago and I was well pleased. Checked everything over and I was £0 and £0 on both gas and Electricity. The technician put £20 on each to get us going and advised that our first few credits would have a few £'s deducted to cover this. No issue's and indeed, £5 from each £20 top-up was deducted. 8 top-ups later and both were £0 debt. I just checked both my most recent bills to discover that my Electricity is currently £25.52 in debt (started at £29.08 debt) and my Gas is £110.20 in debt (Started at £71.87 in debt).

I checked my usage on the gas to see I only topped up £30 in that period, as heating was not required, but was able to use £33.63 gas + £31.45 standing charge. How the hell is that possible? Is there a way to increase the unit cost to deal with this.

We mere mortals get pre-pay installed to mitigate debt but im further in a hole than I was on quaterly credit!