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Gas supply

posted by Ash | 11 months ago
Hi, needing some advice. My gas meter is saying battery fail, therefore can not do anything with it. Need to top up meter before the supply runs out. It’s sunday so can’t contact anyone, not sure whether to phone the emergency number. Gas will run out soon.

posted by rabbit322 | 11 months ago
Re: Gas supply

if you do find an emergency phone number please share because i've rang about 20 numbers today and i'm still getting nowhere x 


posted by Davc | 11 months ago
Re: Gas supply

These are now regular Sunday comments, the lesson is to not let your PAYG meter run out at weekends when the phone service is not available.

posted by alana1991 | A week ago
Re: Gas supply
Last week I had a problem with my gas meter an engineer came out gave me a new gas card and credited £10 emergency on to my meter I have been to the shop to top up my gas now all supply’s are off and it’s saying to contact my gas supplier I have tried phoning since 6 o’clock today and kept getting disconnected due to high volume of calls absolutely not happy about this I am on a priority list all my gas supply’s are now off card won’t let me top it up! I have a 3year old and 5year old daughter living in my home with me we are freezing due to no heating or hot water in the house!! Help