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Gas usage

posted by Peter123 | A year ago

Where did you get my annual utility usage figures from? I have just applied to switch but my direct debit is based on a usage figure somewhat lower than I expected.


Top answer

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Gas usage
The most recent 12 month usage is printed on page 2 of your bill.

posted by Peter123 | A year ago
Re: Gas usage

RE your reply Davc. I don't have any bill from Scottish power as I am still in the switching process. My enquiry was because old figures fro m BULB suggest your annual estimate is a bit low. This is the figure you are basing  my monthly direct debit on and that  was what enticed me to change supplier.

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Gas usage
Oh thanks I understand now. If you joined because the estimate was low you will only have a short benefit until it becomes obvious that your DD is too low. Good luck.

posted by Ernest | A year ago
Re: Gas usage

Please new appointment change meter normal. No smart meter, no for topping up.


posted by manjinder | 12 months ago
Re: Gas usage
Hi my gas meter card no working please help

posted by dommur29 | 11 months ago
Re: Gas usage


I'm just looking back at my usage for the equivalent period last year and noticed i have a huge spike for an 11 day period from 20th March to 1st April on Gas - 6589 kwH.  The equivalent period from December to the end of March for this year is 7116 kwh for the entire 3 months.

Similarly on electricity i have an 11 day period which says i used 1465  - but the 3 month period from December to March 2019 is 1736kwh in total.

I know there was some bad weather last year, but this seems totally improbable that i would use the equivalent of 3 months gas and electricity in 11 days.  Is there any way of double checking this or verifying whether this is correct or not?


posted by Davc | 11 months ago
Re: Gas usage
I suspect the sudden jump is an actual reading overriding an estimate. Check your bill to see which readings were estimated.