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Glitch in the system?

posted by molassie | A year ago

Has anyone else been told there's a 'glitch in the system'?

I entered my meter readings  on Tuesday. Followed the usual procedure but the balance of my account did not go down. I went to view account but payment had not been taken. I tried to re enter the meter readings but again no joy.

Contacted customer services to be told their system was registering that I had not provided meter readings when I first moved in and it was a glitch in the system. Considering I've paid Scottish power for over five years now  they were definitely provided with meter readings!

i still have no bill and the meter readings registered on my account are the ones I gave on Tuesday but for some reason they have put my direct debit amount up.  Considering I'm in credit by over £500 (my choice) why have they put my amount up?

has anyone else had similar problems in the past and if so how long did it take to get it sorted out?



Top answer

posted by Jonnel | A year ago
Re: Glitch in the system?
@molassie Your DD has gone up probably because your latest payment hasn't been taken - a system generated reaction unrelated to the 'glitch' SP are talking about. You should be able to have it lowered again, either online yourself or by CS.
I would seriously advise against building up such a huge credit balance thougb - especially at the start of summer. Unexpected stuff happens in life, and you don't want so much tied up and unreachable - keep it in a savings account in your own bank if you must have money set aside...

As far as this 'glitch' goes, see of you can dig out your first SP bill and if possible, contact your previous supplier for a hard-copy of the readings they submitted to SP when you switched 5 years ago. When switching, opening and closing readings from new and old suppliers are ratified by a third party, so there is an independant record of them. You can check this yourself under GDPR with a Right of Access Request and see if SP are correct in believing 5 years of your readings are in doubt.

Btw - I believe Ofgem only allows 12 months back-billing.

posted by username1 | A year ago
Re: Glitch in the system?

I too have put in my meter readings and the system has not recorded it except it says that readings were sent in 2 days ago.  This happened last month too then it was corrected a few days later.  I have been entering readings without problems for 5 years.


posted by Trudles | A year ago
Re: Glitch in the system?

How disappointing this app is. On the old one I used to be impressed with the graphs and information. All this app can say is “Oops” !


posted by User1 | 3 months ago
Re: Glitch in the system?

I too have experienced issues entering meter readings. When I called customer services back in February I was told that due to technical issues that they were unable to process my meter readings but would update them once the system became available again.

Once I finally managed to enter my readings but noticed that my previous meter readings were the original readings that I gave the previous year. I gave it a couple of weeks before attempting to enter new readings but had a similar issue with the previous meter reading and the date that it related to which didn't correspond. The system also said that I was £735 in credit. I knew that I had been overpaying for the amount of electricity that I had been using but had not realised that it was to such an extent. I had also noticed that my direct debits had been incrreased from the start of the year . So I decided to contact customer services again, to check that the issue had resolved itself, and they confirmed that my account was showing £735 in credit. I decided to leave it another couple of weeks before I asked for the overpayment to be issued back to me, and within a few days had £735 credited to my bank account.  A few days later I received a message to say that my monthly premium was going up. I checked and it had been significantly increased, so I logged onto my account and to my utter disbelief found that my account was now £628 in debt - What the F***? 

Basiclly I get the impression that the system glitch has left the system not knowing its arse from its elbow, and i'm sure that i'm not the only one who's been duped by Scottish Power's system glitch. The annoying thing now is that I can't get to speak to anyone, due to the Covid 19 situation, to get any form of explanation. 

Disgruntled from Dorset.