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Harassment after leaving

posted by exextraenergy | A year ago

I am an ex-extra energy customer who was forcibly moved to Scottish Power in November. Given the appalling customer service, I contacted a new company and am due to switch over to them on the 8th March. Since doing this, I have receieved 8 calls in the last six days.

The number comes in from Edinburgh. I answered the first call and it was someone from SP asking why I was leaving. I explained the situation and they quite rudely said 'okay, fair enough' and hung up. SInce this call, I have received another 7 calls: I've not answered many of them, but they are all from SP and, if I don't anwer them, the don't leave a voicemail. 

Is anyone else receiving these calls? How many calls counts as harrassment? I've emailed SP to complain, but haven't yet received a response. 8 times in 6 days is an indecent number. And the more they call me the more certain I am I want to leave. 


posted by Tilley | A year ago
Re: Harassment after leaving

I agree.   7 calls from Scottish Power in 4 days, I have picked up the call 3 times - no one of the other end and subsequently I'm cut off.   This is harassment .....  please stop calling me !   


posted by Jonnel | A year ago
Re: Harassment after leaving

@Tilley I think the TPS - the Telephone Preferencing Service - should protect you from unsolicited marketing calls. If you register your phone number with them you go on a register whereby the onus is on the CALLER to check if you have opted out of receiving these calls BEFORE they call you.

Registering on its own wont stop them calling but when they do you have to politely explain you're registered with the TPS and they are breaking an Ofcom l by ignoring your declared preference not to be called. It helps if you ask for the caller's personal name first, not their company, then tell the PERSON they are being named as the one breaching regulations. It's worked for me.


posted by FlipflopStephy | 9 months ago
Re: Harassment after leaving
Same thing is currently happening to me! Gives them a worse business image than they already had.

posted by ScottishPeedOff | 9 months ago
Re: Harassment after leaving

I have not been a customer for something like 2 years. I've been harassed with calls, and now texts coming in, for the last month. What are they doing? Are they trying to get a court order against them?