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Help-prepayment top up disappeared

posted by sazzybee73 | A year ago

Hi all.

I had £7  odd credit in my pre payment metre i topped up by £15 which took me up to £22  odd (which i saw with my own eyes)

ive just been into the powerkey cupboard to get a screwdriver and my power is down to £7.02 

I have not used £15 in 2 hours with only 1 ring of a cooker on and 2 lights,i dont even have any heating

Its just vanished,i tried phoning but they are closed until the 4th.

Anyone got any ideas?


posted by Lamin1979 | 10 months ago
Re: Help-prepayment top up disappeared
I have been having the same issues for a month or so now anytime I top up it vanishes withing am hour and all my lights goes off

posted by Happydayz2021 | 8 months ago
Re: Help-prepayment top up disappeared

We have had power cuts today and when it came back on there is no reading on my prepayment meter - it is just a blank screen, there was £39  in there, is there anything i can do to get it to show my reading?  I s there a button I can press


posted by drew1963 | 7 months ago
Re: Help-prepayment top up disappeared

my meter is not giving me my credit readings after power cut just got a blank screen no numbers on show so dont know how much credit i have left on meter how can i fix this 

posted by Scumbags | 6 months ago
Re: Help-prepayment top up disappeared
You scumbags keep taking money off my key when I top up today you took 5 pound of me 3 days ago another 5 pound. I top up 15 pound and only shows a fiver. You lot are scum and hide. You never answer your phones. Worst company in UK complete scumbags and all you care about is your shareholders. Stop doing this I'm going to my mp who will get me compensation of your horrible company for stealing money of a vulnerable person. Total scum

posted by DavC1 | 6 months ago
Re: Help-prepayment top up disappeared

When meter credits vanish it means the meter is set to repay a debt as well as to pay for electricity.  The debt can come from several things, maybe the PAYG meter replaced a credit meter with a debt on it, maybe emergency credit is being paid back.  Often for new tenants the debt can be from the previous occupier.  If your meter is taking money, and you don't know why, you can contact customer services and ask them to reset the meter.