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posted by jitbit | 2 years ago
Re: How to make a complaint

Can someone please help me.  I ordered a smart thermostat for my phone and I haven't received it yet? Scottish power are charging me and still haven't delivered the product to me yet.  

Please can anyone help me?

posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: How to make a complaint

@jitbit   The Honeywell smart thermostat system is installed by Honeywell, SP customer services might be able to give you a phone number to chase up the installation.  0800 027 0072. 

posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: How to make a complaint


I just found this help page which seems to answer your questions



posted by Nicoladixon | 2 years ago
Re: How to make a complaint
I would like to put a complain in about Scottish power I'm been trying for about 3 years now for a new meter put in but everytime I've tried Scottish power has cancelled every appointment they harassing me all the time to pay because of these I'm in 2 thousand pound in det I've rang up to make meter readings and they put the wrong meter reading in I'm sick and tired of this there constantly harassing me all the time maybe I wouldn't be in det if they didn't keep cancelling my appointment and actually come out and out a new meter in but no so I've decided to put a compliant in as I'm putting all of this money on my bill and my bill isn't dropping down so I'm waisting money for gas that I'm not even using I'm not happy I want this sorted out as soon as possible

posted by Wiggy2369 | 2 years ago
Re: How to make a complaint
Why have you got me in depth wit my Bill's not happy

posted by prino | 2 years ago
Re: How to make a complaint
I've also been passed around the offices and I'm now on number three who said sorry 'wrong person, wrong team' and I'll now let you spend another thirty minutes on the phone because we want to drive you 'mad!. I'm sure the person said, we (Scotispower employees) are not happy because Scotishpower are making us work, it's not we want to do, and we should be aloud to be furloughed with the rest of society. And we are now going to make our customers life 'hell.
I would like to speak to someone about my complaint and also the FIT question I phoned about just over an hour ago.


posted by birdie3 | A year ago
Re: How to make a complaint

I was sent a bill for £85.81 which paid by a debit card whilst trying to pay each time I tried it said an error occurred please try again I did with the same result I then phone them and paid over the phone this has resulted in me being charged three times £85.81 x 3 it has left us overdrawn we are trying to get them to replace the money they have taken, I have emailed them twice with no joy, if there is a worse customer service than Scottish Power I would love to hear from them I am changing my supplier just as soon as I can sort out this mess.

posted by annoyedperson1 | 9 months ago
Re: How to make a complaint

Wonder if there should be some law about Scottish Power randomly switching me over to them as a provider from my current provider WITHOUT my consent as well not sending me any information about this and when web chatting with someone (as obviously cant get through on the phone after waiting over an hour) they do not even have my name on their system - just m address.

I am going to google for the rest of the night as to whether this is even allowed

Custimer service is SHOCKING, asked for a call back several times and explained my disability and how difficult it was for me to communicate by text all day rather than just putting me through to someone to explain why they had transferred me over to them and who on earth gave them permission or consent to do and where is or was the letter in writting. 

I am absoutely disgusted to the point it has reduced me to tears through the day and still NOTHING - nobody has called me back and infact they said they do have the facility to do that - I beg ya pardon.... even when I am without supply, even though I did not give you consent to do so... is this a practical joke.


posted by DavC1 | 9 months ago
Re: How to make a complaint

@annoyedperson1   Did your supplier go bankrupt?  If so you are part of a government scheme to switch you to another supplier.   The switch takes a few weeks to go through so SP will not know about your account just yet. 

posted by Jbishop | A month ago
Re: How to make a complaint
I have been on hold waiting to speak to someone, music stopped after 40 minutes and line went dead! so I rang back and went in the call back system! Rang me back after 35 minutes put me back on hold and cut me off again after waiting another 30 minutes! So when I get my call to feed back I will relay this! I need to speak to someone about my bill. Nothing I can do in line as my daughter has looked and none of it answered my question or helps! If you have an unusually high volume at this time why not employ more staff at this time? Any my chance of speaking to someone? can someone call me?