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How to make a complaint

posted by Lauren87 | 5 years ago

I cant get through and it is costing to much on my mobile i need to speak to someone as your collection team are chasing me when i am prepayment!!!!!!!


posted by  Eilidh | 5 years ago
Re: How to make a complaint

Hi @Lauren87,  You can contact our complaints team on our freephone number from both mobiles and landlines.  If you'd prefer you can contact us  about your complaint via email too.  You can access our help article here which has useful information on raising a complaint with us, and also has details of the freephone number and email address.

posted by Annoyed | 5 years ago
Re: How to make a complaint

I received an e-mail from Scottish Power saying that my  monthly direct debit needed to be increased from £45 to £112 from 1st December 2017. This was despite my bill showing my projected yearly usage costing  around £600. After a await of over 30 minutes I managed to get through to someone who could not explain why this would be the case and offered to increase it to £50 per month. I phoned again a week later to ask why I had not received the updated bill showing the increase to £50 as I was promised but gave up after waiting over 30 minutes to get through. I have now viewed my account and it shows the increase to £50 but I am still awaiting an explanation as to why I received the original request to increase it by over 100%.

posted by Scarlett09 | 4 years ago
Re: How to make a complaint

On Sunday I received an email from you to say that you were sorry that I was leaving you & that my account was closed. I knew nothing about this & as I am in my seventies, I spent Sunday worried sick about my electricity supply. On Monday I called Scottish Power & waited patiently for a long time to be finally told in a very laid back manner that this was ok. When I asked why I was told I would have a new account. 

I have to say I find this customer service most unsatisfactory.  I actually had to ask her what my new account number would be & about my balance outstanding. I was concerned about my direct debit payments. Otherwise I would be none the wiser.

why I should be sent this email I do not know but if it was human error then I should have at least had an apology.

posted by Davc | 4 years ago
Re: How to make a complaint

Hi Scarlett, yes I totally agree, SP handled your account change very badly.

posted by owenyh | 3 years ago
Re: How to make a complaint

this  service is a disgrace i will be changing supplier trying to contact this hellish provider is hopeless  i was wanting to renew my contract but will look elsewhere  will be making complaint to regulator as you should be fined for such a poor poor service

posted by stephencbroomhe | 3 years ago
Re: How to make a complaint

Since moving into this property and taking over the supply of gas and electricity to xxxxxxxxxxx we have regular sent in meter readings. We have also photographed all of the readings we have taken (and submitted to Scottish Power).

We started renovating the house and in the process had cause to turn off the gas supply in July 2017 - and this has never been turned back on as the new central heating has yet to be completed. 

During 2018 it became obvious that you were vastly over estimating our consumption of both gas and electricity and we applied for a number of refunds which we received.

To try and overcome this we elected to have smart meters fitted. When the engineer fitted the meters he verified the final readings and as far as we can recall they were on or very close to the meter readings we had submitted/or were estimated by yourselves.

Initially the Direct Debits continued but from March 2019 our Direct Debit increase from £38 pcm to £289.16pcm and then in June 2019 this increased to £406.16 pcm.

We did raise a complaint in May 2019 over the phone but have been abroad for a number of weeks and have not had an opportunity to pursue the matter. 

Whilst away my wife received a call and during the conversation it was stated that our remote readings were very erratic e.g. 1 unit of electricity one day and the following day 46 units - surely this should have raised alarm bells with your company.

Until my return from abroad we had no idea by how much the Direct Debit had been increased and as soon as you requested a meter reading we cancelled the DD with my bank. Why you would need a reading when you can do it remotely I did not know as obviously the Smartmeter is faulty?

We have contacted Ofgem and before we go to the Ombudsman we need to present the issues to you for resolution these are namely-

a) Exchange the meter with one that actually works properly

b) Agree a sensible consumption figure based on our previous years consumption of electricity and

c) Refund the overcharged element of our bill(s) within a reasonable period.

Regards Kathryn and Stephen

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posted by Jonnel | 3 years ago
Re: How to make a complaint

@stephencbroomhe And that right there, is probably the sum total of input Scottish Power are going to have on anything posted in this forum.

SP stopped answering customer queries on this forum around about a year ago when they realised numpties like me keep leaping in to answer customer queries for them, and they can get the job of this forum done without having to pay anyone to do it. They wouldn't even have edited your post if I hadn't reported as 'inappropriate content' the personal info you advertised to the entire world ... As far as your complaint goes - I suspect the root cause is a mobile signal issue in your area. Bear with me...

It looks to me as if you're experiencing a number of factors combining to produce a right royal c*ck-up. The disparity between your usage and DD amount is probably because SP's automatic DD management system runs on trends or patterns, and NOT actual usage. Only your account balance is a monetary measure of your usage. What that means in reality, is that if you use only a little energy for a while, then suddenly a 'usual' amount (not even a lot)  SP's system will believe the trend will continue and increase the DD value to cope with its projected continued increase. This trend-based increase is more marked when smart meters are involved because the readings are more frequent than say, monthly like most, so out-of-pattern spikes invariably occur more often. The trending algorithm doesn't work in reverse however (drops in usage do NOT result in a reduction in DD value) as SP don't like customers to get into arrears, so don't allow the system to lower DDs unless a buffer of credit balance is maintained.

Now, if your smart meters are sending readings irregularly, this will make your usage appear spasmodic to SP's systems, and result in the increasing DD because it thinks your usage is actually spasmodic when in fact it's the sending of the readings which is irregular.... and that'll be because the smart meters can't send accurate readings on a regular basis because the signal in your area is poor. If that's what it is (and it's a common problem) the only solution is to read the meters yourself and put the actuals in online or by phone manually. Yes, I know it defeats the purpose of 'smart' meters but poor signal is a known issue with smart meters and manually reading IS the only solution to it.(Until the infrastructure for smart meters is finalized, that is). If you check with SP and you're actually in a good signal area, you can safely ignore everything I've suggested and the problem will lie elsewhere. But I doubt it...

When you take your complaint to the ombudsman the first thing they'll ask you is if you've followed Scottish Power's complaints procedure fully, and if not, please do that. They'll also ask you if you've had a deadlock letter from SP because they don't usually like to get involved unless negotiations have stalled. You might even have to go through Resolver first.

Good luck with the ombudsman, I found them useless.

posted by Diamondlady46 | 3 years ago
Re: How to make a complaint. Why has my direct debits doubled without me being informed

posted by Jonnel | 3 years ago
Re: How to make a complaint
@Diamondlady46 One of the regulations of the Direct Debit service offered by banks is that payees have to give 10 days notice to payers of any changes they want to make to the payment. Scottish Power usually do this by sending a message to your online account message box. That's not your e-mail or any of these community boards but the separate message system accessed from your online account.

A message sent there doesn't trigger any e-mail accounts, or alert you in any other way, so if you didn't know it was there you would probably never notice it. Crafty, I say. Maybe that's how they get away with side-stepping the 10 day notice period.

If there's no message in there telling you about a DD increase, put a complaint in.