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How to read your meter

posted by Johnstoneclaire | 9 months ago

Scottish Power should supply technical information by phone. I reiterate I have an Economy  7 meter with only one display window which flashes three reading and a fourth which is mostly unreadable.. It's an EDF meter and my bill has nearly trebbled since I gave a reading  but I am not sure if I read the meter accurately.


posted by Davc | 9 months ago
Re: How to read your meter

You only need two meter readings for E7, day and night. Look at your old EDF bills and see which 'series' fits with your meter display. If you get them muddled you will get strange bills. If you need to correct a reading you have sent in tell SP on Contactus@scottishpower.com. Note your EDF meter will not be Smart with SP and you have to send manual readings.

posted by Johnstoneclaire | 8 months ago
Re: How to read your meter

Unfortunately I don not have an EDF bill but have been advised that first reading is DAY RATE second reading is NIGHT RATE and the third reading is CONTROL RATE? Thank you for your interest. Regards John.




posted by Davc | 8 months ago
Re: How to read your meter

Hi, Control rate is for some tariff systems that come on automatically in colder weather. If your is a standard E7 put zeros in the third box. I always thought the top box is day and the second night, and it is good to have it confirmed.

posted by Payton | A month ago
Re: How to read your meter
How to read my gas meter

posted by Davc | A month ago
Re: How to read your meter

@Payton I suppose you mean a smart gas meter with a blank screen?  If so you must press its buttons to light up the screen and show a reading. If it has a number keypad press 9.