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How to set up my direct debit

posted by redhead | 12 months ago
How do I set up my direct debit ?

posted by cossackhat36 | A week ago
Re: How to set up my direct debit

I want to set up a direct debit?????


posted by Jonnel | A week ago
Re: How to set up my direct debit

@cossackhat36 You'll probably need to go through customer service to ensure they tie your DD details into your SP account properly rather than just setting it up at your bank. You might want to check the tariff you're on at the moment too, because some offer a small discount if you pay by monthly DD, so though small, if it's offered, I would have it.

You could also try their dedicated CARD payment phoneline, just in case there's a person there rather than an automated system. I've not used it, so it might be either. Don't give them your card details, of course, but if it's a real human on the line, they might be able to pass you over to someone who can arrange it rather than you waiting for a couple of hours in a queue on the customer 'service' line...

0800 001 5115

posted by Bonny | 3 days ago
Re: How to set up my direct debit

I've been moved over from Extra Energy and called immediately to confirm my DD details, as requested in a letter from Scottish Power, The advisor assured me it was all set up. I then received another letter a few weeks later syaing I had not responded to the first notification and my bill would cost more. I called again, and was assured that actually by DD details were in the system and the letter was a mistake.   Absolutely shoddy Transcomms process there.

I have now received an email saying the transfer of my account is complete but as I have not responded to the request for DD detail confirmation I will now be placed on the Quarterly CAsh payment method which will cost me more. 

I have tried to set it up Online but the site just misdirects you around and pushes you to call to change your tarriff???

I doubt that calling in for a 3rd time will make any difference to the incorrect comms I keep getting.