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posted by Pissedoffhahaha | 6 months ago
Re: How to set up my direct debit
What a joke, have the same problems. Been on hold for 45 mins. To be told I had phoned the wrong number. Sadly this was the number on my demand for cash, what other number would I dial?? Despite having email confirmation of my DD being set up it would appear it hasn't. SHOCK. I have now been waiting on my call being answered for a second time for 21 minutes. What a shambles

posted by JaneAnn | 6 months ago
Re: How to set up my direct debit

Have been switched from Extra Energy and for the last 3 months have phoned to set up a direct debit on Scottish Power request and for the 3rd month running they have failed to debit my account - have checked  bank details and date of payments and they are correct it is just a complete failure by Scottish Power - just tried to phone agin and again cut off cos you are too busy which is hardly suprising.

posted by spooky123 | 5 months ago
Re: How to set up my direct debit

  I need to set up a direct debit, please.

posted by NH | 5 months ago
Re: How to set up my direct debit

Same here. ex-Extra Energy (spoke to them in November - no mention of buy-out!), finally after multiple LONG calls (and SP asured me I wont be lumped with a total bill) - have access to account, and been billed quarterly as everyone else, with no way to change to Direct Debit unless i switch tarriff. I would have switched as they told me my current Basic runs till May and hten ill have to switch anyway, but where is the guarantee that after that I'll get the luxury of DD !!?

I am logging a complaint, to adjust their service improvement of 17% since Oct18 !!!  I'd like to see how they magic'd these figures !  they actually have 8 weeks to resolve any complaint and then it can go to the energy ombudsman service.


to be heard you need to yell louder Smiley Happy

posted by Cunliffe | 5 months ago
Re: How to set up my direct debit

I am disgusted!!  I am an EX extra energy customer.  I was told my DD details hadnt been transferred from extra energy and that Scottish Power had been trying to contact me to update them.  My contact details havent changed for years so not sure why they couldnt get me or write to me????  I am now in debt and I cannot set up a DD and I cannot get through on the phone.  Now being threatened by Baliffs.  All I want to do is set up a DD.  How hard can this be????


posted by meld22 | 3 weeks ago
Re: How to set up my direct debit