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How to use the Community

posted by Davc | A year ago

Recently there are a lot of questions about personal accounts and Live Chat, caused by normal customer service being reduced.   The Community is run by customers and we know nothing about individual bills and payments. Live Chat is a separate service and is not part of the Community.  All questions should be sent to


We can answer general questions for example about how to read meters, but please read the previous questions and answers about your problem  to avoid asking the same questions again,  There is also a lot of help on this SP page


  Good Luck to all in this lockdown time.  

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posted by whiteowl | A year ago
Re: How to use the Community

@Davc We will see how many acually read  your comments.  I have become increasingly frustrated by the lack of common sense by people not trying to see some of the answers before posting the same questions.Keep up the good work.