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posted by Cynberghost | A year ago
Re: I can't speak to anyone

If you’re having a problem with your energy supply, try getting in touch with your supplier before you make a formal complaint. They might be able to resolve the problem informally.
Tell them what’s happening, and what you want them to do about it. They might be able to sort it out then and there.
You should note down the:
date and time you get in touch person you speak to problem you talk about
If you’ve already spoken to your supplier about your problem, and aren’t sure whether to make a formal complaint, you can contact the Citizens Advice consumer helpline for free, impartial advice.

posted by TombaUk | A year ago
Re: I can't speak to anyone

Same here, I am unable to speak to soneone, CHat looks disabled for good!

Very niced work Scottish Power!

You've just now lost a coustomer and his friends!



posted by Helen1 | 4 months ago
Re: I can't speak to anyone
I think you may be right 😱

posted by BedrockFred | 4 months ago
Re: I can't speak to anyone

Sent an email 7 days ago no reply tried ringing in today at 13:30 used the call back feature, finally got a call back at 17:21 waited 21mins and then was cut off

SP have £200 plus of my money and I want it back, the credit is from YE when they failed they have had the details (final YE bill) since the beginning of last month

Why on earth do OFGEM (toothless regulator) keep giving SP SoLR's to SP

posted by jamesnsharp16 | 4 months ago
Re: I can't speak to anyone
Same here! Unable to speak to someone. Been trying since December 2020 to sort out my final gas bill when I left yorkshire energy and moved out. Have over £120 in credit and but account says -77 because there still charging me even though I have rang up many times.