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I need help...

posted by RaeOx | 4 months ago

So I joined Scottish Power a couple months back.
The problem I'm now occuring is now they are asking for a meter reading. I had a Smart Meter with OVO and SP said they could use it. Come to check my account last night and it turns out they can't. I have in the past requested smart meters from SP but with no prevail.
Now here's the problem: I can't reach neither Meters in my wheelchair. 
Yes you'll probably suggest "Can't someone read them for you" but I don't have visitors. So how am I meant to get them?


posted by Jonnel | 4 months ago
Re: I need help...

@RaeOx As you've got 'dumb' smart meters you're going to have some problems coming up. There is an update to the whole smart meter infrastructure coming out in the future meaning your OVO meters will be able to send readings to Scottish Power eventually, but that set-up has already been delayed, is currently still being tested and is by no means reliable in those areas it's been test-run. Heck, even some smart meters already fitted arn't reliable, never mind the data transmision system.

If you havn't already I would say your best bet is to contact SP and explain your situation to them frankly and fully, making sure they realise the predicament you're in. That may spur them to exchange the OVO meters for their own smart meters, but having said that, there is absolutely no guarantee the meters SP put in will work either. Sorry, but that's something you need to know.

What you also need to know is that you're going to be needing to submit meter readings every month in order to get reliable bills. If you don't, SP will estimate your usage and bill accordingly, and no-one wants to go down that road.

If asking for the smart meters to be changed doesn't work and there is absolutely no-one you can call on to read your meters for you - friends, family, carer, social worker, anyone - I would say you're reduced to two options. 1 - Contact SP and talk to them about the Priority Services Register to see what they can offer re: a regular/frequent meter reader call. That will involve a meter reader coming in to physically read your meters and submit the readings for you, and you will have to let them in to do it. There is a password system you can set up, so you'll be able to verify the person at the door is actually from SP's meter reading company and at least feel safe. Or 2 - You could ask SP to change the meters for pre-payment meters which (I understand) you buy credit for yourself, charged to a key which you put in the meter yourself and use the power till it nearly runs out, then getting more money charged onto your key, so no meter readings need to be taken. You can get money put on the fuel key at lots of places. But that would probably mean you having to pay SP to move the cables and pipes so the pre-payment meters could be fitted where you could reach them - SP will not move meters for free, only change them in situ. Pre-payment meter tariffs also tend to be higher than contract tariffs.

To be honest, I think the best thing for you to do is ask a relative that you trust to pop round once a month and read the things, then you enter the figures onto your online account. Hopefully, they won't have to do it for long, just until the DCC data transmission system is set up and your OVO meters are updated to be smart again. That way you get accurate bills from the word go, and if you pay by direct debit, accurate direct debits too.

SP are notoriously unreliable when it comes to customer service, and getting specific, non-routine help from them can be a bit of a trial. Perhaps someone else reading your post can suggest an alternative I havn't thought of.

posted by Hodgie | 4 months ago
Re: I need help...
I’m having the same problem, sort of. I was with OVO and they installed a smart meter for the electricity supply but were unable to install a smart meter for the gas supply. So, of course, I have no problem reading the gas meter but I haven’t a clue how to read the electricity meter! I have gone round and around in circles via email trying to ask for an engineer to come and install smart meters for both electricity and gas and it’s impossible to achieve anything. Who ever is answering my emails doesn’t really seem to have a clue!!! And if I don’t rate them well they keep on and on badgering me. I’m tied into a deal with SP until this November and I fully intend to change suppliers - I might see what OVO can offer me as they were so easy to contact and were really on the ball. And also I have now received a card from a company called Morrison Data Services asking for an electricity reading who aren’t contactable. Their suggestion is to contact my energy supplier directly to book an appointment, but HOW????? I’m so so frustrated by this whole situation. Useless customer support ScottishPower. Useless customer services Scottish Power!!!!!!!

posted by Davc | 4 months ago
Re: I need help...

@Hodgie   There is a lot on the Ovo website about their smart meters. You can read the electric meter on your home display, or, if it is not working your electric meter will show a reading if you press 9 on its keypad. 


Good luck