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Ignoring closing of landlord account

posted by Itsamistry | 6 months ago
I tried to close my account as landlord by webform, which doesn't work. I tried to close the account over the phone and get a written final balance, which i havent received, but the rep kept referring to me as the tenant and now they've contacted my home address by phone trying to change this address to them, and again kept referring to me as the tenant. My account has not been closed online even though it states zero balance, and the new tenant is getting letters changing my tariff but still with them. She has changed to another provider. I'm thinking they'll still try to continue charging me. Any advice please.

posted by Jonnel | 6 months ago
Re: Ignoring closing of landlord account
@Itsamistry I think I'm right in saying tenant rights put control of any energy provider with the tenant, not the landlord, so long as the tenant is paying the bills directly. A tenant does not need your permission to switch supplier, only has to return supply to the original firm should they vacate, according to the contract, and then only if you want it putting back.

In that, the old supplier would only liase with the tenant, not with the landlord, as the tenant is paying the bill, it's their right. Added to that, a switch is driven by the NEW supplier, who will also only speak to the bill payer - the tenant. So I would say your problem is up to the tenant to sort out, not you.

I would cancel any direct debit I had with SP for the tenant's address and instruct them to speak with the tenant or the new supplier. It's not your problem.

posted by Itsamistry | 6 months ago
Re: Ignoring closing of landlord account
Hi I probably didn't make myself clear. The property was empty from 10 dec 2018 to july 18 2019 so I had to open an account in my name and take over the payments just for the usage during the refurb. The new tenant who moved in on 18 July has sorted her supplier but I still need to close my account. The SP landlord webform doesn't work. I didn't want to full in the moving house form as I've never lived there. I did this over the phone clearly stating I'm the land lord but both reps ignored me and insisted on referring to me as the tenant and have only sent a letter about changing tariff to the tenants address and issued a normal ebill bill run up to 51.65 simply for standing order costs as no gas or electric has been used. They haven't closed the account despite my speaking to two reps claiming I'd receive a final bill at my home address within 10 days. Last week i had a phone call trying to change my supply at my address to them. Really frustrating.

posted by Jonnel | 6 months ago
Re: Ignoring closing of landlord account
@Itsamistry Sorry, but there's nothing there makes me think any differently. When you say SP won't 'close' your account do you mean they 'won't stop charging you' or 'won't take my details completely off their system' ? If it's the former it has to be because they think you're still bill payer as well as owner, in which case the new supplier hasn't made it clear to SP that you are no longer financially responsible for usage recorded by the MPANs at your address. And if it's the latter they probably won't because if you have a common tenancy agreement for your property it's more than likely you're going to be bill payer again in the future, so why would they remove from their files details they're going to need again? Plus, they'll want some form of contact details in the event a tenancy goes pear-shaped in the future and a tenant goes awol - they'll want 'someone' to be charged for any outstanding usage, whether they're actual supplier or not.

Are you certain that when your tenant switched, they made it clear to the new supplier that bill payer was changing as well as supplier? Did they give their new supplier YOUR details, with an authority from you that it was legit? The fact SP still think you're bill payer as well as owner makes me think the switch hasn't gone through correctly, and as the new supplier will only communicate with the tenant (if they have them down as bill payer) only the tenant can tell them the switch hasn't gone through right.

Of course, none of the above is right unless the tenant os paying for usage directly themselves. Maybe that's what it is. Has the new supplier told SP that YOU'RE paying for usage from rent received? A lot of tenancy agreements include utilities... could be something as simple as the wrong box checked on a form...

posted by janjag | 3 months ago
Re: Ignoring closing of landlord account

Hi - I feel for you . I have 8 properties .Sometimes tenanted for six months at a time with maybe a month vacant inbetween when  we are liable for the bills. It takes scottish power so long to give final bills and set up a new account even when provided with tenants names numbers and e mail addresses. We give meter readings and they still get it wrong. You can spend hours on the phone and think its all sorted , then a month down the line you find wrong readings have been entered in the system and your new tenants are getting bills for thousands of pounds!!!! I found the best solution is to go live chat where you can speak directly to someone and keep correcting them  until the problem is solved . good luck