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In-Home Display Discrepancies

posted by Stonedbones | 12 months ago

I had a smart meter installed 3 days ago (electric only as the new gas meter was faulty). The readings on my IHD are worrying especially in the light of the high charges suffered by some unfortunate users who appear to be ignored by SP.

According to my meter and the IHD I have used 45 kwh of electricity in the 3 days since installation. I roughly estimate this should cost about £5.90 excluding the daily standing charge. (45 kwh x 13.13p per kwh) I hope I have that right.

BUT my IHD shows two alarmingly different costs - the alarmingly high one of 'Used so far this week' shows £64.10, and the more realistic one, ten times lower, of 'Bill so far this period' shows £6.40.

Obviously I want to believe the lower charge is what SP will use but in light of other users experience of false ultra-high charges I am very concerned that I am about to enter into a dispute not of my making.

Can anyone please shed some light and put my mind at rest. Thanks.


Top answer

posted by Davc | 12 months ago
Re: In-Home Display Discrepancies
Hello, please read the other comments in the Community. Your Display unit is definitely not your bill. The £value shown on the display can be ignored because the system has gone wrong. Unplug the display and put it away it does not influence the smart meter operations.

posted by Shahbaz | 11 months ago
Re: In-Home Display Discrepancies

My smart meter been installed on 07/03/2019, but IHD display not working message on IHD @"still awaiting for Data"

been reset nearly 20 times everyday but still no joy.

is there any global  issue or problem with SMET2, meters to communicate  with IHD

Thank you,





posted by Stonedbones | 11 months ago
Re: In-Home Display Discrepancies

My first thought was that maybe your wireless signal was poor, but your photo threw that idea out of the window straight away.

It's always possible that you have a faulty IHD so it could be worth calling customers services on 0800 027 0072 and explaining the problem to them.


posted by Davc | 11 months ago
Re: In-Home Display Discrepancies

It may be that your installer did not pair the Display to the Meter, it is not a customer-job, the installer would have to come back.


posted by Phamau1 | 5 months ago
Re: In-Home Display Discrepancies

There is nothing wrong with the IHD or what the installer did. When the IHD displays 'Waiting for Current data' it means that the commissioning of either the Electric Meter or the Gas has stalled in the background once the Installation is completed by the installer and the suppllier needs to be contacted so that they can resume the commissioning with the DCC.


posted by EvieB | A month ago
Re: In-Home Display Discrepancies

My display keeps going faulty. It works fine for a while and then it goes blank and then displays waiting for current data. No amount of resetting or switching on and off will make any difference. It's been in this mode fir nearly a week now.