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In-Home Display (IHD)

posted by Anaesthetist | A year ago

Hi - there doesn't seem to be any up to date discussion on this topic, so having spoken to Customer Services I thought I'd share the latest. We had the new "Smart" Meter installed a few months ago, and I recently noticed that it wasn't displaying the electricity consumption. According to Customer Services, this is because the display was showing incorrect readings, so they've turned it off until they can fix it, which it seems they can do from their end - hopefully some time in June. This malfunction hasn't affected the readings that SP are getting, which are (hopefully!) correct. If you really want to see your consumption, presumably you can read it from the meter. 

Bythe way, have you EVER phoned a help line and NOT been told "we are currently experiencing high call volumes" ?? Robot Mad

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posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: In-Home Display (IHD)

The displays have given a lot of problems recently but nobody else has said SP can turn them off remotely. The display does not transmit any data so it is not vital to the smart meters operation. Unplug it and put it away for a few months until the problems have been fixed.