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Incomplete switch

posted by Kersty | 7 months ago

I switched to Scottish Power over a month ago, as I was offered a better deal.  I set up monthly direct debit payments. I'm rubbish at technology n find it difficult to find what I'm looking for on a website. Getting through to SP on the phone is almost impossible. Today, I got a big shock, when my previous supplier emailed me telling me I was in debt of over £200 for electricity.  I had queried a couple of weeks ago why the account was still open n was told that they had not yet received the meter reading for electricity, while they had the gas one.  When switching to SP I was told I would not need to contact my previous supplier, SP would do everything for me.  I was also told, as a smart meter customer, they would be able to read my meter n I would not need to send them in.  However, I'm always in distrust of technology n gadgets, n the meter readings I get from my device have a dot in the middle n I don't know which part to read, as the online reading submissions don't accept dots.  i.e. 222.333.  I need to sort this mess out asap n close the account with the previous supplier.  Please can anyone help!


Top answer

posted by Davc | 7 months ago
Re: Incomplete switch

Meter has 222.333 ?  Always ignore the numbers after the decimal point. So the reading is 222. If you send it in online and there are five boxes to fill you put zeros in to fill all the places, so you send in 00222

posted by Kersty | 7 months ago
Re: Incomplete switch

Thank you. If I send that reading to the previous supplier, I hope they realise that bill can't be right n they will close the account, so I can make a complete switch.  Still think something has got mixed up in cyber space.

posted by johnleahu | A month ago
Re: Incomplete switch

Hi. Can you help me to complete switching to scotish power???  Thanks

posted by Davc | A month ago
Re: Incomplete switch

@johnleahu     You need to phone customer services  0800 027 0072   The community knows nothing about individual accounts, it only handles general problems and advice.