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posted by mehmet | A year ago
Re: Incorrect billings
Hi my bill is in correct

posted by whiteowl | A year ago
Re: Incorrect billings
Sorry about that but we are only customers, and can't do anything about your account. email contactus@scottishpower.com.

posted by Nohappycharlene | 11 months ago
Re: Incorrect billings
Do you somehow know i was in hospital with memory problems and are playing on it apart from constant bills ive spoken to soneobe on phonevwasnt helpful i have 2prepayment meters i always have had and yous are saying i owe 130 to gas and 130 to electricity how can that be especially when yous say it was from Feb 2020 i didn't live at this address you then said I couldn't have let someone in to read meters well obviously not i didnt live here but in old flat if I wasnt in a card would get put through door id phone back and it would get read unless yous het this sorted i will be changing to another company u think that's why I received the bill in first place ive been with yous since I had my first house and have never had any type of rebate and heard the best way to get cheaper energy us to keep switching which I will be doing if this doesn't get sorted,2bills for 290odd pounds i never spend that in the time yous have said and getting things that wrong i wasn't even living here i have always just paid for what I use when it runs out I top up and pay for the meters I'm stressed out enough as it is not long out of hospital after a nervous breakdown and its taken me over an hour to get to here just to let yous know ive always had pre payment meters and didn't move here till end of April last year so in February last year it was Elizabeth mcdowell who stayed here or was dead at that point so please stop annoying me with bills plus you say it cost for a new card at one point i had 7 i kept receiving new cards well ive just received a card from peoples energy i cant remember signing up but glad I have and yous are registering a credit default against my name i couldn't get into complaints but glad I opened this as was just going to top up and will see if thus is cheaper i really dont care at the moment as all I'm getting is hassle from yous plus your letters state the prices are rising and other company says 75%gets gave back to the customer I just want things kept right and will be keeping reciepts not that it woukd have helped but yous must know I was still on Vernon st saltcoats as was paying for gas and electric there till April and looking at other comments you get things wrong an awful lot how can you estimate someone's usage I'm passing all on to money matters who ive spoke to about this the 3letters I have here are from 20th,21st,22nd both bills are different amounts and doesn't say for gas or electric?please could you send a final letter with what you say us owed the dates and gas or electric please ive been told not to pay apart from the fact I wasnt here and paying for another house I dont know which part of that you dobt understand as when I moved here I phoned yous for new card and key thanks but dont need any more stress have lost 5 members of my family in past 6 yrs my friend died in my house 2yrs ago and I was raped and house was robbed last year then I was in hospital after a nervous breakdown and didn't know who I was thanks for adding to it with inaccurate information

posted by scotty2124 | 11 months ago
Re: Incorrect billings
Nope there happy for us to talk to ourselves and to be honest we would be better of talking to a rat these peaple are a Discrace its inappropriate to liken them. To a rat a rat will only steal to survive Iam out of here it's cheaper to pay the. Fees than stay I've not had a readable meter since I've been with these knuckle scrapers both screens went blank CON. CON. CON USEAGE DON'T MATCH BILLS OMG I COULD GO ON AND ON but I carnt be bothered anymore talking to myself ill tell you one THING S/P you will not get another penny. Out of me I'll go to prison first cut it all off like I've told you I want nothing to do with you anymore you make my S. H. I. T. ITCH