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Incorrect supply address!!

posted by KHolmes | 3 years ago

I signed up to Scottish Power about a month ago now via u-switch and I put in the correct address, however, somewhere down the line the address has been made incorrect and I have asked Scottish Power to change it 4 times now and with no luck each time.

Who do I speak to to change the address? I am not setting up any direct debits until you have the correct supply address. I am getting really p***ed off with how slow it has been to switchover and how bad it seems to be going. 


posted by janetwright77 | 3 years ago
Re: Incorrect supply address!!

incorrect address  please change because it wont let me

posted by rtres | 2 years ago
Re: Incorrect supply address!!

Me too!    I have phoned several times to correct the mailing address as supply address is different, but each time a bill arrives with the incorrect address.   As not getting any joy with phoning and speaking to someone, don't seem to be able to do it on line either!  

posted by keela | A year ago
Re: Incorrect supply address!!
Yeah I’ve just signed up recently and my mailing address is correct but my supply address is incorrect. I don’t know how they’ve made this mistake but I need it corrected ASAP!!!!!

posted by PeadwithSP | A year ago
Re: Incorrect supply address!!

So I'm not the first to experience this! Probably won't be the last.

Signed up for duel fuel, not only incorrect supply address for electric, gas didn't switch.  Was paying for someone else's electric., still paying old energy co for gas. Paying more than I should. Got my address correct (after second attempt) for gas but put me a new tariff and not duel fuel. Address for electric had wrong city, correct street and post code. So, I have got 2 accounts, 1 for gas and another for electricty and no duel fuel discount, still paying more than I should. Was told when they got gas sorted I could switch to my original sign for tariff.  BUT NO! They will switch me to a new tariff for duel fuel but want to put the price UP. I'm now hoping that A: they get my address correct for both accounts B:  put me on my original sign up to tariff. C: compensate me for the extra payments/money that I've paid and D: honour their Switch  Guarantee Agreement. I'm now awaiting an email next week from complaints to see where we go next. 

I gave them 1 star on  a TRUST PILOT Review. I couldn't give then zero.


posted by Shell | A year ago
Re: Incorrect supply address!!
Good luck with that SC power its a nightmare the worst I've experienced

posted by PeadwithSP | A year ago
Re: Incorrect supply address!!

Well it's 21:04 hrs on 14th July 2020, would you all believe it?  NO EMAIL from Scottish Power as promised.Smiley Mad

posted by AngelaMH | A year ago
Re: Incorrect supply address!!

Same for me.  Inherited an incorrect supply address and was promised that it would be changed.  Nothing.  Also signed up for a fixed price plan.  Nothing.  Still on the standard tarriff and got a letter inviting me to sign up for a fixed price tarriff and direct debit.  Have now tried to update it on-line.  Very frustrating.  


posted by PeadwithSP | A year ago
Re: Incorrect supply address!!

I escalted 2 complaints last week with Scottish Power, they were suppose to reply within 1 to 2  working days, still nothing.

Further more, they still haven't change town/city where I live on electricity account (suppose to have been changed last week, again). The only plus, they didn't take any money from bank account for gas. If I don't hear from Scottish Power tomorrow I will be cancelling all payments and switching. Scottish Power charge £30 per energy (£60 in total) for early switching, they can take me to court for it as they failed to supply and broke original contract. They also owe  £30 for breaking their switch guarantee policy.  When I've spoken to staff they have all been very pleasant but nothing seems to get done appropriately, if at all.


Good luck everyone.

posted by tmcdevitt | 12 months ago
Re: Incorrect supply address!!

I was sold a promise of beter managment of my bills on a smart meter which I accepted given there was such a big thing of them in the recent 6-12months. the trust is if the business who has sold the promise has any integrity they would have tgiven a full refund and admitted its all a dity big lie....we as a nation claim to be ready but its blatantly obvious this smart meter codwallop is just a make believe world that doesnt exist. Yur energy needs are pretty much goimng to be about the same unless you do something drastic like get double glazed windows, thermally insulate everything or swap all your lights for LED's. If like many you have already done demand isnt really going to differ much to be fair. sure the tariffs always are  steadliy increasing - what isnt'?!

Having the misfortune of using SP for dual fuel for just over 12 months I got rid, well I thought I had. that was until some muppet signed up a neighbour and used my address. So I now have to wait weeks until my bills are straightened out...probably new year....terrific!!! during the initial phases of pandemic they closed their customer service for months - only offering connections to agents via chat somewherr in India or far east - madness. Other businesses managed their situations far better. all in all just a hopeless experience I am still trying to get away from!!!!