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Insanely high gas reading

posted by ChrisE | A week ago
My gas meter (not smart meter) is showing I've used £4000 of gas in 86 days. That's more than I've used in 6 years!

Scottish power replaced my old meter due to the fact it was leaking, shortly after my last reading. However, even with the new meter stopping the gas leakage I've got the massive reading.

I've been trying to speak to people for days, they've requested I email the photos of my meter - I always photograph the readings, and said they'd discuss sending an engineer out. However, I've heard nothing.

I've also been warned most meters tested don't show faulty and so i'd be liable for the bill even if the usage doesn't make sense.

I'm now afraid to put my heating on just in case. I'm a disabled person on limited income and this is frankly terrifying that I could be left with such a bill. With no response from Scottish power, what do I do? What are my rights?

When the meter was replaced, should the new one have been set to the old ones reading?


posted by Davc | A week ago
Re: Insanely high gas reading

@ChrisE    Your very old meter probably measured in cubic feet. Modern meters measure in cubic metres. If they use the wrong conversions for your bill your bills can be 3.5 times too big,   Check your detailed bill and make sure it does not say cubic feet applied to your new readings.    Also the installer should have sent in the final reading from the old meter and the first reading from your new meter, they don't reset the readings on the new meter to match the old series.  

If you divide your bill by 3.5 would that make sene then, it still seems very high for autumn usage.

posted by ChrisE | A week ago
Re: Insanely high gas reading
Thank you for the reply

The bill hasn't been produced, I always calculate when I submit readings, so when I saw the massive increase I rang customer service. I asked if this could have anything to do with meter being changed.

They just said it was massively high - never advised about the fitter submitting a reading on installation - and froze the bill, said it needed investigation

I'm relieved if they will have a reading from the installer.....but cross that I've been left in a panic for three days because 4 people I spoke to didn't have the presence of mind to actually advise this, or even check for it.

Thank you for putting my mind at rest a bit, I'll try and ring back through and hopefully get some one who knows what to check for.

posted by Di66 | A week ago
Re: Insanely high gas reading
I have been fighting since the beginning of October regarding my gas bill. They said I'd used ,27000 kWh but my smart meter shows 10,000 they wanted over £1000 off me and while we were still in dispute they sent it to a debt collector who threatened to take legal action and gain access to my home. This is by very distressing as I live on my own and my gas consumption want that high when the full family lived at home!. I was going round in circles until I got the ombudsmen involved. Before I could submit the complaint to the ombudsmen Scottish power decided to go with the kwh from the smart meter. Bit then increased the electricity bill that I originally had no dispute with. Bit obviously I do now!

posted by Di66 | A week ago
Re: Insanely high gas reading
Write to the ombudsmen. There is no point trying to do it online as you go round in circles on their site. Get a much evidence as you can. It's obvious you couldn't possibly use that much. The ombudsmen is impartial and should help. Give them as much detail as you can backed up with your photos. Good luck