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Its A Long One, Suspected Thief ?

posted by Agenthoover | 2 weeks ago

Hi, on the 10th of this month Scottish Power read my electric meter which is outside, i found this odd as i always send my own readings around the 22nd of the month after an email prompt to do so, after a lengthy phone call i discovered that they are suspicious because i use very little gas or electric, something they initially denied until i boxed them in to a corner, then all of a sudden they knew all about it,

I am very rarley at home, until recently i was always at my fathers as he has Alzheimer's, work, dads, work, dads, work, dads, that was my life, on top of this i dont have all the mod cons, im not interested in TV,s ,playsations and so on, when im not at home the only thing running is my fridge,

Now, today, i get another email requesting my electric meter readings, keep in mind they just read them on the 10th, no mention of gas, just electric, the email states that they cant connect to my Smartmeter so i need to submit readings, I dont even have a Smartmeter and see it as another part of their suspicion, my bills dont need to paid until the begining of next month.. so why now,

I really dont like this company anymore and want to leave, problem is i fear this will only fuel their allready rediculous suspicion, they have me worried sick over something i am not doing... has anyone else had this problem, if so what did you do, thanks

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posted by DavC1 | 2 weeks ago
Re: Its A Long One, Suspected Thief ?

@Agenthoover   That is a very unusual problem, if SP suspect you are taking electricity by-passing the meter I expect they would visit your house for an inspection.  You should tell them that you are often not at home.  I think you maybe should change supplier, if SP think you owe them money they will block the transfer and then you can get this issue sorted out.