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Key not working and new one hasn't arrived.

posted by Jamie-S | 5 months ago

My key stopped working all of a sudden, it's not damaged or anything and I've tried it a few dozen times in the shop but nothing, my meter doesn't even recognise that I put a key in.

I ordered a new key to be delivered on Thursday and I paid the £15 for special delivery, It's Monday now and I still have no key and at the time of typing this I have £1 on my meter, with no way of activating emergency credit, I want my key delivered and a refund for the special delivery, it should have been here on Friday and it's not even here today.


posted by DaveCswans | A month ago
Re: New Key Card hasn't arrived.

Please can you make sure that you have sent my new key card. I am a new customer, my gas has almost run out and the card has not arrived yet. The British Gas card no longer works. Thankyou D.C.Swanson

posted by WeeTee2019 | 6 days ago
Re: Key not working and new one hasn't arrived.
I keep ger error message wen trying 2 top my key meter the key been cleaned fur any dust but still not work iv try 3 diffrent shop to top it up but still say error .is there a 8 digit code i can get 2 take my local shop fur need key or help get power am on emergence pence is all iv got in it can u help please

posted by Davc | 6 days ago
Re: Key not working and new one hasn't arrived.

@WeeTee2019   Sorry nobody on here can help, you have to ring customer service on Monday morning.