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Leaving Scottish Power

posted by Ianwarboys | 4 years ago

Why is it that sp won't release my gas meter to my new supplier?


posted by  Eilidh | 4 years ago
Re: Leaving Scottish Power

Hi @Ianwarboys, unfortunately the Community will be unable to help you resolve this query due to it's account specific nature.  I'd suggest you contact our customer service team by phone on 0800 027 0072 or by email https://www.scottishpower.co.uk/contact/email.process?execution=e5s1

posted by LoyalCstmr | 4 years ago
Re: Leaving Scottish Power

This will be invaluable to anyone hoping to get any kind of sensible contact with Customer Services when leaving Scottish Power

I am leaving Scottish Power on 4/3/2018.

You are trying to prevent this from being an easy and amicable process.

Is this normal practice?

  1. You have changed my dual fuel account by generating “duplicate accounts” with the same number
  2. You have labelled one of these as being “gas” which also has electricity information within it and which is not labelled “leaving cycle” but is shown as a ”live” continuing account.
  3. You have immediately, upon opening this fictitious account above, generated an “estimated” bill to the account for gas and electricity which has not been used !!!
  4. The other original account is labelled “electricity.” It is correctly  labelled as “leaving cycle” and is correctly shown as fully paid without outstanding debt.

This is a totally unacceptable tactic to aggravate customers daring to leave and I demand that you register this as a FORMAL COMPLAINT and escalate it immediately to LEVEL 2 of the Formal Complaint Process, since is obvious that the staff operating at level one have no ability to deal with account and billing issues (clearly proven by my previous 2 formal complaints since December 2017).

I will not submit to bullying by Scottish Power.

I will not pay fictitious estimated bills.

We are now formally in Dispute! 

Put This Right Now  !!


posted by Wotto | 4 years ago
Re: Leaving Scottish Power
You have my sympathies . I fear however, that you won't get very far with the complaints service which seems to have been outsourced and staffed by people who know next to nothing about Scottish Power and it's systems. All I get is lots of platitudinous replies, some in very poor English to the point where they are barely understandable and which often contradict each other or are full of totally empty promises.

posted by LoyalCstmr | 4 years ago
Re: Leaving Scottish Power

You are absolutely correct, only the Formal Complaints Process has any hope of being dealt with, but even this is corrupted by the company!!  ScPwr have outsourced level 1 contact, to what appears to be an outfit in India (all names are Indian or Pakistani). They speak English but do not understand, nor do they have any authority to correct the issues raised. None of these people ever deal with the issue, they just text you back from a crib sheet with the nearest stock answer "platitude," but never take any action!! They then close the Formal Complaint with "resolved to customer satisfaction." This shows 90% complaints as resolved by level 2.

Of course the only people who believe this statistical record are Lynda Clayton and the Board of Directors who authorise her bonus every year, and Ofgem who choose to keep their heads down.

You will note that when we seek support from ScPwr, the online system mearly guides us to the "community" ie; other frustrated customers, not to anyone in the fictitious Customer Services team that could resolve any issue!!

posted by Whichfreshhell | 3 years ago
Re: Leaving Scottish Power

Oh great.... nothing but trouble from the time I asked to have the meters changed to now. :/ so life sapping.... So..... I couldn't switch when I wanted because they hadn't updated the information about the switched meter on the national database (every step of that process was messed up). Of course getting it changed over took at least 3 phone calls as per usual. Last time I had checked the dual fuel said 'goodbye cycle'. I was asked to provide meter readings but the website did not allow me to. Thought I'd check in on progress after the new supplier asked for opening meter readings. I provided the same meter readings through the automated phone system with scottish power intended as closing readings. However, the account shows gas as live and goodbye cycle for the electricity... duplicate account information. I have phoned customer service who advised that her system showed the opposite (gas as goodbye cycle and electricity as live) what the?????? The advisor suggested the issue may be with the new supplier. I advised that the new supplier had emailed me and asked for opening meter readings for both and what was going on? She said she would pass me onto the goodbye team.... I was then cut off shortly after goodbye team advisor answered the phone. I'm sorry I have no answers but I will update to advise on progress when I have any. I hope Scottish Power aren't hampering my second attempt to leave!!! Perhaps I shall open a dispute. I'm flabberghasted and horrified. My sympathy to you all.

posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Leaving Scottish Power
What a Saga, sorry to hear about it.

posted by byeshitishpower | 2 years ago
Re: Leaving Scottish Power

I have  had nothing but huge problems from **bleep**ISH POWER  from the day i became their customer i am going to warn as many people as i can about them ...and to avoid with your life and  never to use them ... trying to trap you any way they can to keep customers ! will be ccontacting Ombudsman again to get rid of this blood sucking parasite **bleep**ISH POWER !  once and for all !

posted by byeshitishpower | 2 years ago
Re: Leaving Scottish Power

posted by jass246 | A year ago
Re: Leaving Scottish Power

I am leaving SP my patience has finally run out, SP put my  WHD into a closed account in February and it has been impossible to get them to put the discount into the proper account considering the WHD is for customers struggling with the cost of fuel all I received where empty promises from countless members of staff that it would be sorted out. I don't know what is going on with SP this year they also harassed me for six months concerning my monthly payments which where all in order I was compensated twice. I am disabled and registered with SP as a vulnerable customer and have had to deal with the stress of this dealing with this issue. I do remember a time when SP where a Customer centred company.