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posted by Soo | 2 years ago
Re: Live Chat

 Why your live chat is always unavailable . I am been trying everyday since 6 week ago.

Your customer service line useless. Have to wait more than 1 hour. 

Trying to change my tariffs  since than.

posted by LT1 | 2 years ago
Re: Live Chat

I'm trying (without success) to speak to someone from Scottish Power.  I called last week and chose the option for someone to call me back and was notified they would call back within an hour., however my call was returned after 9pm (and Iwas already in bed) but then got disconnected yet the operator didn't try to call me back!  I'm trying to call again and I'm currently on hold and have been now for 1/2 hour.  Why can't I get to speak to someone!!!  I need to speak to someone  regarding my account.  What should I do as I cannot get through to an operator (even to ask for a call back) and you haven't got live chat available.  It's a shame because up until now I didn't have an issue with Scottish Power.  

posted by Jonnel | 2 years ago
Re: Live Chat
@LT1 It's true, customer service has gone down the pan since SP won the hundred thousand-odd customers from ExtraEnergy, despite the fact part of their bid to Ofgem included a clause to increase their customer service operation to cope...
If you need to actually speak to someone you're going to have to persevere with the waits or call-back procedures. If your contact can be written, an e-mail might be better - there's also a paper trail so you can prove stuff you may need to prove later on, and anything they tell you, you'll have evidence of too.

posted by JohnSteve | 2 years ago
Re: Live Chat


I am still waiting for the final bill from Scottish Power. I have received a mobile txt message to pay.  Txt message is not a bill. I have called to Scottish Power on 19.03.2019  at 14.03pm and have been promissed to receive the invoice by email and I have not received it by today.  Again I have called on 29.03.2019 at 10.21am - the same not received invoice by Mail too.  How I can pay ? What a mess in this company.  When I will call on 0500 027 0072 and will chose a call back the business department will called me back - few times the same. How to contact with you ? Do I will need to send a solicitor letter to the Scottish Power Head Office to get the invoice ?

Kind regards

Jan S

posted by Funkyjunky | 2 years ago
Re: Live Chat
In theory, but never seems to be working when I try. It is under Support Centre on their website and if you have their app under help

posted by santo | 2 years ago
Re: Live Chat

Hi good morning

posted by santo | 2 years ago
Re: Live Chat

Hi good morning my name is Rui Santo

posted by Humber67 | 2 years ago
Re: Live Chat

If you click on complaints tab at the bottom of the page then the live chat comes up and works.

posted by K | 2 years ago
Re: Live Chat

Hi Everyone

Does everyone, like me, think that Scottish Power have abdicated responsibility for Customer Service by not offering an e mail service nor, apparently (since I cannot find one, a Live Chat service)?  The only way seemingly to communicate with them is by mail or phone!  In this day and age, I think that is appalling!  I am writing to the Director of Customer Service (if there is such a one) to complain.  If you are like minded, please do the same.

Do other customers of SP agree?

posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: Live Chat

@K  People report using live chat, apparently it appears as you go into a problem  from the menu. The email is contactus@scottishpower.com.