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Low battery warning on smart gas meter fitted in the outside box

posted by AdrianH | 8 months ago

OK so I needed to provbide meter readings to a new supplier, not a problem I though just go into the box as in the old days and get meter readings.


But now with smart gas meter no display, press buttons and bring up the display, managed that, but also got a message of low battery, so how do I change the battery?

Is there a manual to show manual use of these things and is there a way to change the battery..

I am not talking about the indoor unit, that rarly worked anyway, but I am talking of the actual meter.

Are there manuals for the gas and electric smart meters?   Or someone else I need to contact.



Top answer

posted by Davc | 8 months ago
Re: Low battery warning on smart gas meter fitted in the outside box

The batteries are replaced usually by the original fitters, or your current energy company can arrange it. It is not a customer usable feature to change the battery which is a special long life unit (10 years?). If the battery finally gives up your meter may stop the supply, but some people have reported it fail in the 'open' position and so give unmeasured gas from then on. The energy companies usually react quite quickly for batteries because it is not a big job.

posted by AdrianH | 8 months ago
Re: Low battery warning on smart gas meter fitted in the outside box

I took a few pictures of the unit and was able to find the instructions on line from the makers in Germany.


It looks as though I was going to far into the menu's, so as such I got an Icon display, so as such it was showing me what could be displayed not the current status.  So my mistake and panic over, if the battery lasts 10 years with me pressing the button every now and then, that would be fine as I expect we would be into smart meter 2/3/4 by then and the meters be a standard through out industry.

I did try the on-line chat help but could not get past the indoor smart unit, or, they could not help as I had technically left for another supplier!

So thanks for your response and information about battery life.