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Meter Move

posted by Slaphead | 2 weeks ago
I live in Leeds
My meter was moved over 3 meters from original location. Supply to property moved my Gas Network, 6 week notice given to both GN & SP for date of move, come the day GN arrived removed gas supply to original meter and placed new supply to a semi-concealed ground box I supplied.
Come 14:00 no comformation call from SP that it was okay to proceed with fitting new meter and reconnecting supply into my house so I phoned SP. No job had been booked for the meter move although there was a note on the system, emergency call out arranged and assurance recieved gas supply into the property would take place that day. Agent from AMY arrived, wrong meter foe semi concealed box so another engineer who had the correct type of meter was coming, I asked if the first engineer would prepare pipe work to the box and he replied I only came to fit the meter. I re contracted SP who gave me the number who would reconnect supply into my property, after phoning and spoke to a National Suppler of Gas in Glasgow it became clear I had been phobed off, another call to SP, explained the whole thing again and was placed on hold, 20 minutes later (appolgy for long hold) afent returned, I was informed a fitter from AMY was on route from Manchester he had the correct meter and would be connecting supply into my property and I would be with gas that evening, I was told a misunderstanding between offices had resulted in the confusion, meter moves upto 3 meters meant fitters A colud reconect but since mine was 10 meters it required fitters B and this was who was on route, I recieved a call from the fitter, again from AMY that he would arrive approx 18:00
and would have gas renonnected that evening. He artived and began work, so did another from AMY thinking great 2 workers I'll be back up in no time. 18:30 I spoke to one of them, slight problem meter sizes and box not as expected but had got everything together. 19:00 had finished, I asked about the gas supply into the property, response nothing to connect to was just here to connect gas supply to the mains, I contacted AMY and asked when they would connect the gas into the property, reply not asked to do that by SP, even while fitter still present and explained about having no gas into the property I was told I'd have to speak to SP, I asked about removing the old meter, reply I don't have a job number to do that, fitter left at this point while I recontacted SP. Long hold of 35 minutes after long detailed explination of the days events, even after pleading about having no gas that night I was told it was a private matter to have gas put into the property and once I'd arranged that it was suggested I contacted complaints.
Following day I arranged at my expense to have gas into the, problem arose with outlet connection from meter to box, wrong type of meter but did manage to get connected with a temporary fix on 20/9/19
Due to working away contacted complaints on 24/9/19 a detailed account of the 19/9/19 was given and I recieved a complaint reference number, again due to work I made an appointment for contact with complaints on 1/10/19 between 13:00 -15:00 a mobile contact number was given for this.
A message left on my landline answer phone on 27/9/19. Got a chance on the 30/9/19 to contact SP, no point having a complaint reference number whoever answers the phone at whatever office your connected to goes over the same process, first told I had been conracted about a meter reading, I asked about the complaint I'd made, lots of notes on the system scan read and told me I should wait for contact on planned day and time, hw offered to email about being available that day to be contacted re complaint and I awaited a call, nothing.
Tuesday 1/10/19 arrived home for 13:00 message on landline tried to contact re complaint would try later. 16:00 contacted SP explained yet again and it had now passed original booked time, suggested I wait until they contact me again.
I have explained numours times but no one seems intrested, I still have the original meter connected on the output side of my gas inside the property (no gas going through it), new meter (wrong size for box and conection to output), no crossover information (old meter s/n reading - new meter s/n reading), temporary connection with 15mm pipe nit 22mm
No one knows how much gas I'm using so it must be free, old meter s/n on my account and the numbers are not moving up.
Complaint Reference number pointless agents go over same account details and look at notes (get scared and phobe me off) never been contacted by mobile at alotted time but messages left on answer phone landline even though I've told them I won't be there.
But chin up it's early days compared to some I've read on here.
I wonder if I have to die before someone takes it serious!

Top answer

posted by Davc | 2 weeks ago
Re: Meter Move

@Slaphead   Terrible tale, it could not have gone more wrong, so good luck with sorting it out. You might find Amey more helpful than SP, although the problem lies with SP, unfortunately this sort of thing is reported here quite frequently.

posted by Slaphead | A week ago
Re: Meter Move
3rd time I have been contacted by SP complaints on the landline when at work.
3rd time I contacted SP to be told "I don't know why you have been contacted" & yet again I go into detail why, as well as giving my mobile number for contact regarding complaint.
Watch this space it's time to esculate complaint inline with SP complaints procedure.