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Meter Reading WNC UBC-TN6 - Economy 7

posted by Yesheadjon | 10 months ago


We had a WNC UBC-TN6 smart meter installed yesterday. We have economy 7 and cannot work out how to see both day and night units used. If you can assist on how to see these readings on the meter itself and also on the seperate black device if that can be done it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks




posted by melmar51 | 9 months ago
Re: Meter Reading WNC UBC-TN6 - Economy 7

I have just had the SMETS2 Aclara (WNC UBC-TN6) smart meter installed with no instructions on how to read it (see photo below) but I found these instructions  on the Shell Energy website.  Hope it helps.

Reading your SMETS2 Aclara meter – Help home (shellenergy.co.uk)

  • Locate the reading menu by pressing button B until you see ‘Total…’ or ‘TOU...’ displayed.
  • This means that you’re in the ‘Reads’ menu. Now press button A to scroll through the ‘Reads’ menu. You’ll see options called ‘Total Active Import kWh’, ‘Total Active Export kWh’ and ‘TOU Rate 1’.
  • The meter reading that’s used for your billing is TOU Rate 1 for single-rate tariffs, and both TOU Rate 1 and TOU Rate 2 for two-rate tariffs.


New smart meter (2).JPG

posted by Madz_208 | A week ago
Re: Meter Reading WNC UBC-TN6 - Economy 7
hi! I just moved tomthis property with. this meter for electricity. I have a key where I put load which I had yesterday. My problem is how to make it work. Do I need to insert this key somewhere on the machine. I really dont have any idea. I comtact my agent for the property and he himself dont know. I hope somebody can help. Thanks so much.

posted by DavC1 | A week ago
Re: Meter Reading WNC UBC-TN6 - Economy 7

@Madz_208    It seems you have a pay as you go smart meter. You need to register with Scottish power as a new customer and then you pay using a smart phone app to put money on your account. Speak to customer services 0800 027 0072.