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Meter Readings

posted by pete9877 | A year ago

I have entered the wrong meter reading and have developed an horrendous bill how do I correct this, 1000 units too many


posted by BennyTheBall | A year ago
Re: Meter Readings

I enetered the correct meter readings and got quite a shock.

A week ago, my bill seemed to be about £450 for 3 months. (About right, big house and winter)

I entered them yesterdaay and it went up to £895 in a week.

Today I entered them, (economy 7) 8 units for day, 6 units for night and 2 for gas.

The bill has gone up in 24 hours to £1371.31 an increase of £461 in a day. Smiley Surprised

Don't bother trying to ring, as they are too busy and disconnect the call.

Just be warned, and get out of this energy company as quick as you can.



posted by pete9877 | A year ago
Re: Meter Readings

Not what I wanted, I didn't want an example of someone else's problem I need a answer to mine

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Meter Readings

Pete, ring SP and explain the mistake. 0800 027 0072