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Meter Readings

posted by val | 3 years ago
Our day & night meter reading on the bill are exactly the same & no one will help me on the online chat as they don’t understand the problem, wish we had never had the SM installed infact I will just switch it off & wait for a man to read the meter, no customer liaison at all
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posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Meter Readings

Hi Meter readers do not call these days, you can turn off your IHD display but it is very helpful in telling you meter readings without going to the actual meters. If the IHD is not working you can still take manual readings from the meters, the gas meter will need a button to be pressed to wake it up.  I hope your smart meter was installed correctly, they can work with Economy 7 but if not installed correctly they can revert to a single rate system without a night rate which would be very expensive for you.  Make sure your smart meter is recording a night rate.