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Meter Transfer issue

posted by bac | 4 days ago
I was transferred to SP last week after leaving from SSE. I supplied SP with opening meter readings for gas and electricity. My final bill for gas has arrived but not for electricity. Called up SSE and they informed me the final electricity meter reading hasn’t been supplied still.
Tried calling SP and they just cut the line because of COVID. Not the best first impression so far.
Can someone help please

posted by Davc | 4 days ago
Re: Meter Transfer issue
@bac. It is a common problem. The admin is moving very slowly, you just have to wait.

posted by bac | Yesterday
Re: Meter Transfer issue
What do you mean admin is moving slowly. The gas and electricity opening reading was given on the same day. How is it that the gas meter reading was transferred to the old supplier but the electricity wasn’t? This is a bit of a joke