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Meter details not on national database?

posted by Soozym | 3 years ago
Sooooo...trying to switch electricity suppliers via CompareTheMarket and get a message saying that my meter details are not up to date on the national database and that Scottish Power have to update that before I can switch. My current tariff runs out on 30th June. How can that be when SP have been sending meter readers since we moved in over 5 years ago?? Anyone else had this problem?

posted by Davc | 3 years ago
Re: Meter details not on national database?
Problems with meter registered numbers are difficult to deal with. Make sure SP know about the problem in writing to contactus@scottishpower.com

posted by wavydavey | 3 years ago
Re: Meter details not on national database?

I am having the same issue. First Utility had my meter read 4 weeks ago but scottish powerless have not updated my account or say that it's not on the National data base. Gess who has to do all the chasing/phoning around. So now about to pay for the same gas twice?

posted by Fedupguy | 3 years ago
Re: Meter details not on national database?

Hi .fellow sufferers, I have tried twice to move to Sottpower and failed both times. My meter fitted before 2001 is not on the Database either and yetN Power has happily used it before 2013. and E ON before that back to 2001

posted by mlindsay | 3 years ago
Re: Meter details not on national database?
Surely this cannot be legal as you are ultimately being held to continue to pay your utility bill to them as cannot physically switch to another supplier. Continue to receive disgusting service from Scottish power and can’t even leave!!!

posted by 00Dino | 2 years ago
Re: Meter details not on national database?

I've been trying to move away from SP since December 2018 and everytime the new provider tries to take the electricity it says SP didn't allow it.

Standard message I get back from SP is that the MPAN details are incorrect, which is a load of rubbish because the provider has read it out multiple times to me and is 100% correct.

Multiple calls with multiple excuses from bars that should not have been on my account have been removed and old meters still registered to the address havent been removed. Again a load of rubbish,

Complaint raised as paying stupid amounts for standard rate electricty because I cant leave. Just waiting for my 30days grace so I can take it to ofgem.


posted by D_cross | 2 years ago
Re: Meter details not on national database?
I had my metre changed from a comfort plus which had 2 readings over to a single rate metre on May 15th and it's still hasn't been updated on the national database which is continuing to charge me at the standard rate which is very expensive compared to what I can get offered by another company....I've tried to leave Scottish Power 3 times and it continues to be blocked by Scottish power because they refuse to update the Database....not happy at all and causing a lot of stress in having to constantly phone and email to complain and get no further forward

posted by Jonnel | 2 years ago
Re: Meter details not on national database?
@D_cross You might get on better if you go through your local power distribution company rather than these clowns. The distributors are the people who come out if there's a line down or there's a power cut or the road has just been resurfaced and needs digging up, but they tend to have a better handle on MPANs and MPRNs than suppliers do. Asking Scottish Power about MPANs is like asking the DVLA when the roadworks on the M11 are going to be finished.

You can find out who is the distributor for your area of the country by searching the ENA - the Energy Networks Association - on their website: www.energynetworks.org or by phoning 105 or by checking on your bill, where it'll be marked as 'who to call in an emergency'.

posted by Soozym | 2 years ago
Re: Meter details not on national database?
Also report to the ombudsman. Give as many details and vbe as accurate as you can with dates etc. Include any correspondence with SP. Put it all on SP's FB messages as well. Good luck. X

posted by aliensrus | 2 years ago
Re: Meter details not on national database?

I had a similar problem. Trying to switch supplier and I kept getting an error message that something needed to be rectified on the national database by Scottish Power.  Rang the potential new supplier who was very helpful, checked the database and noticed a discrepancy (meter type was wrong). She told me to contact Scottish Power.


Sent an email to Scottish Power and was sent an auto response with an option to chat online to a support agent, so I decided to do so. Had to give my full name, address and account number. The agent checked my meter details on the database (install date, meter number and address). I then told him to specifically check the type of meter. It was showing as credit when I have a pre-payment meter. I had to send a photo of my meter (including the barcode) as "proof" that it is in fact a pre-payment meter. 


The agent then made a request to update my meter details on the database and said it takes 30 days for the request to be completed. Let's see what happens next! Hopefully this will be helpful to someone else. Altogether I was on the chat for 45 minutes.