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Meter engineers not working due to Covid?

posted by Lotusguy | A month ago

I'd like my Economy 7 meter changed to a single rate meter, preferably smart.  But despite several calls to Scottish Power, I'm told no meter engineers are currenlt working due to government advise and Covid.  They won't accept bookings until instructed by new governmnet directions.   As far as I'm aware, government advise is to return to work if you can't work from home?  So why won't Scottish Power accept bookings for meter swaps?

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posted by Jennydickson | 4 weeks ago
Re: Meter engineers not working due to Covid?

I am having the same issue. I cannot install my kitchen or any plunbing until my metre has been updated due to re wiring but supposedly this is not an emergancy, so I have been left with no kitchen for months and having to sleep on my parents couch. Shameful.