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Meter for electricity not showing any numbers

posted by Fausto | 4 years ago

Hi, my meter (for the electricity) is not showing any numbers, i tried to top up with a minimal amount of money such 5 quid but is not showing anything either.

Ive called the company, they said we need a new meter that will be installed on the 25th, the 25th!, i insisted the woman on the phone, explaining  that we have food in the fridge and freezer but she said that is fine, the electricity will remain until then, so not to be worried.

Im, of course, a bit worried, because sounds a bit weird.

Any help, please.

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posted by Billybean | A month ago
Re: Meter for electricity not showing any numbers
Hi there have you had it sorted yet?
Not sure how old the thread is?
Our electricity meter has gone blank today and is not lit up at all ,but the tv and lights etc are ok