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Meter readings passed back to previous supplier

posted by Strowgerman | 7 months ago

I've moved to SP from British Gas, I have an outstanding credit with BG which I want back. Contacted BG and they said that it can't be released till the meter readings have been sent by SP to calculate the final bill. Fair enough, but how long does this take? Currently 2.5 weeks and counting...


posted by HannahT | 7 months ago
Re: Meter readings passed back to previous supplier

I'm in the same position - waiting for SP to tell BG the final readings. How long does this take ?   

posted by Jonnel | 7 months ago
Re: Meter readings passed back to previous supplier
My new supplier tells me that tying up those loose ends can take up to 6 weeks. It's going to be interesting to see if that prediction turns out to be accurate, as when I moved to my current place in 2017 Scottish Power were driving the change as new supplier then and managed to right royally mess up validation of the previous owner's closing readings causing a delay that lasted 4 months. I ended up having to pay both original supplier and SP in my new house till the original firm relented, ignored SP and refunded my overpayments.
Good old Scottish Power. You can rely on them to turn a drama into a crisis.

posted by downtrodden617 | 3 months ago
Re: Meter readings passed back to previous supplier

same here, was with Green Star Energy but they were rubbish electric meter broke 5/11/18 told could take 5 weeks to repair, after 9 weeks engineer turns up says cannot do job until Western Power repair a small problem they did so within 3 weeks but supplier kept dragging it out sending texts saying should be resolved in 15 days, not a chance decided to leave them and join SP, this was end of April 2019 meter still not running, SP came along within 2 weeks and meter was still not running as SP wanted to put smart meters in we had not asked for them so told engineer he left and a week later meter was replaced was told that SP would contact old supplier with final readings and we would have to do nothing this was mid May it is now nearly August. When we left we were over £500 in credit but when checking online Green Star had taken over £300  from the credit as if to say you were in arrears (have copies of last statements), we were paying £108 per month so last bill they are saying was over £400 not a chance, we were given £75 goodwill gesture but instead of sending it to us they took that off the bill, so to cut it short we are still waiting!

posted by moggles | A week ago
Re: Meter readings passed back to previous supplier

I have moved from Enstroga from SP early September and Enstroga are waiting for the opening Elec reading from SP. Would be good if SP gave some guidance and replied to this community discussion on how long it should take, considering it is their community and the help topics obviously do not cover this?!

Have around £180 credit say with old supplier that I would like sooner rather than later


posted by Davc | A week ago
Re: Meter readings passed back to previous supplier

@moggles   The new supplier drives the process, they should have asked you for an opening meter reading which they pass back to SP so a final bill can be raised.  Ask your new supplier.