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posted by Davc | 9 months ago
Re: Meter readings

On the boiler cover page look for 'Continue to my Account'


posted by theives | 6 months ago
Re: Meter readings
how the hell are supposed to leave your meter readings, they have a button for everything but not for readings, or do they just want to ripoff estimate it?

posted by manish | 3 months ago
Re: Meter readings
Hi folks

I am switching to Scottish and have downloaded the app to track my switch.

I checked on the app that i am required to submit meter readings which will be shared by scottish to my previous supplier

while submitting the readings i am constantly getting the error-"failed to submit reading ,please try again later".
Any suggestions


posted by Davc | 3 months ago
Re: Meter readings

@manish   I saw once that first readings have to be put in through customer service, so give them a call 0800 027 0072

posted by noggx | 2 days ago
Re: Meter readings
I asked for someone to read my meter many weeks ago as yet no show I have seen many blogs saying how bad your company is now I believe them.At the same time a smart was requested no joy again.
Perhaps I should look for another supplier.

posted by Davc | 2 days ago
Re: Meter readings
@noggx. We all read our own meters these days, it only takes a couple of minutes and you should do it at least 4 times a year.
Smart meters will get offered when they hit your area with installers.