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Meter readings

posted by louisegoody | 6 months ago
I keep sending meter readings online but it keeps changing my actual meter reading to an estimated one?? It’s only for my gas. Why is this happening?? It is so annoying.
I was with extra energy and have a smart meter. Why can’t scottish power take my readings from the smart meter!!!
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posted by Jonnel | 6 months ago
Re: Meter readings

@louisegoody If your smart meters were fitted by ExEn, SP won't be able to read them remotely for a good while yet - the infrastructure for them to do so is still in its trial stages. You're stuck with reading and submitting yourself till then.

Your gas reading on your account is being changed to an estimate from the figure you put in because SP's computers run on patterns and usage prediction, and your gas usage seems not to be in line with what it expects, even though your electricity is, so they're changing the figure to what they 'think' it probably is.,

You'll have to contact them and explain. If you point out that the estimates are too high (if they are) and that SP will end up having to refund you a huge amount, that may go some way to getting them to accept what you're putting in online.