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Meter readings

posted by Centaur | A month ago
About 2 weeks ago our meters were read by an official meter reader as they were last year but the relevant bills were based on an "estimated reading ", why?

Top answer

posted by Davc | A month ago
Re: Meter readings
I think the meter reader was checking the meter for safety and tampering. They have to do this as a statutory duty. Just send in your readings as normal.

posted by Centaur | A month ago
Re: Meter readings
Ah,, that makes sense, cheers!

posted by Haniffa | 3 weeks ago
Re: Meter readings

Hi i enter wrong meter reding


posted by Davc | 3 weeks ago
Re: Meter readings

Hi, if you entered a wrong reading ring SP and explain, they can make a correction. 0800 027 0072

posted by ewanm | A week ago
Re: Meter readings

why when you have smart meters for 1 year 5 months now do i still have to submit meter readings? also why has my direct debit rocketed from £72 permonth to £127 per month even though my usage is almost the same????

posted by Davc | A week ago
Re: Meter readings

Hi Ewan, Your smart meters are obviously not transmitting successfully and you are being charged on the basis of estimates.  First send in an actual reading to get an accurate bill. Second check in your online account in the 'My Details' section. There you can set the frequency of transmission. It is probably set at monthly now and has little cjhance of getting through. Set it to haf hourly which is the most frequent option.

For sending a reading you can use the IHD which should display meter readings, but if it is not working you must read the actual meters. The gas meter requires you to press buttons to show a reading.