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Metre Readings

posted by KPomfret | 5 months ago
Hello, I am a new customer and I recently moved into my new property and found out that I only have electricity. Subsequently, when I try to submit my electricity readings, it will not let me as I have not recorded anything in the gas metre readings.
Can anybody help me with this issue? I have tried to phone and contact you but I have been unsuccessful. I need to submit the readings asap to allow the switchover to Scottish Power. I would appreciate any help you can give me.

posted by Davc | 5 months ago
Re: Metre Readings

@KPomfret    You may have applied for a dual fuel tariff, you should ask customer service for a single fuel tariff, which would be electricity only. It is best to clear this up before your account is fully set up or they will chase you for gas readings.


posted by Mary1952 | 5 days ago
Re: Metre Readings
I keep getting sent emails asking for metre readings when I go online to do this it is not allowing me. I'm a new customer and gave meter readings on 16th march 2020. It says it must be done by tomorrow.