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Morrison Data Services

posted by JeffB | A year ago

Hi, Morrison Data Services have urgently requested an electric meter reading from us. Who are they and do I have to give them a reading? 

Many thanks. 


posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Morrison Data Services

@JeffB   MDS work for SP collecting meter readings and checking installations.  You can send your readings to MDS or direct to SP, it’s up to you, but it is important to send regular readings. 

posted by VictoriaBH | A year ago
Re: Morrison Data Services
I have just had a card through from MDS asking for urgent action too...I submitted meter readings online 6 days ago directly to Scottish Power so I don't see why I should have someone come into my home to do it or why I should have to submit the information again.

posted by Davc | A year ago
Re: Morrison Data Services
@VictoriaBH. MDS May need to inspect your meters to check for safety and no tampering. You must allow them access, but no need to give meter readings if you supply readings direct to SP.

posted by angelastswithin | A week ago
Re: Morrison Data Services

I received an e-mail from Morrison Data Services.  I tried to follow the instructions  and although there seemed to be two places for Electrical readings there were none for Gas.  I tried to submit my readings along with photographs of both Electricity and Gas meters but the numbers were not accepted.  I then went straight to ScottishPower website and was able to submit my readings as usual with no hassle at all.  Why is Morrison Data Services requesting my data?  If this is the way forward Morrison Data Services will have to simplify and clarify their request to enable customers of ScottishPower to submit meter readings - alternatively sack them and continue as before.

posted by DavC1 | 7 days ago
Re: Morrison Data Services

@angelastswithin   Morrisons work for SP reading and checking meters. If they can't gain access they leave a note for you to send in a reading.  It's always better to send the reading direct to your SP account because sending it to Morrisons just wastes time and could lead to errors.    Very few people send in regular meter readings but that is the best way to avoid estimated bills and can avoid getting big unexpected catch up bills and can also lead to getting refunds.    The best way to manage your energy account is to send readings monthly. It only takes a few minutes and it's well worth it.   Smart meter users don't need to do this.