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posted by whiteowl | A month ago
Re: Morrisons read meter

I have just had my metre read by morrisons and he was very nice. Even when i said i send in my readings every month he calmly said it has to be read every year, to which i said it had,  I did ask him for the password because iam on the piority reg. and he  said a lot of people never ask for it even if they are on it. He asked if i wanted the readings  wrote down, i said no thanks as i knew them.  He even put my shoe rack back for me i had taken out. So not every body are rude.

posted by blueveeetwo | A month ago
Re: Morrisons read meter

It took me ages to decipher the electrical reference no.as it was just put down in an illiterate scrawl . I know some people have difficulty writing but surely the job description must have the ability to write down numbers legibily in it somewhere .They had even given the reader little boxes to put the figures in but instead they were all over the place. Must do better.

posted by Davc | A month ago
Re: Morrisons read meter

Hi Whiteowl. Nice to have some good news for a change. Thanks for your post about Morrisons. 


posted by Jonnel | A month ago
Re: Morrisons read meter
@whiteowl I've never had any problems with the Morrisons meter readers who've called at mine either- all really decent chaps. Even the ones I refused entry to understood, all with one of those wry smiles that betrays how used they are to that happening. It's a shame the management in that outfit can't take a customer service lesson from their own front line troops, then maybe there might be fewer complaints.

posted by Anders | 4 weeks ago
Re: Morrisons read meter

As you may already have gathered,, I've just received a request from MDS of similar nature.. dated 22/03/2019 and received here on the 27th ( obviously 2nd class, just like their web site ).. Why they would want such readings, just 3 weeks after my own readings to SP were posted online and bill since paid, is beyond any comprehension..  However, that's not my main topic of contention here..   Thing is,, I am of the understanding, that SP actually PAY this cowboy operation  to READ and submit their findings?  If so, I feel duty bound to operate on the same contractual terms for providing a similar service. 

So, MDS,, ( and in particular, Caroline Moscrop , data projects Manager ) , if you are adamant that such a procedure is warranted and that having already being remunerated by SP for the aforementioned service, you will have no problem or argument then, in forwarding the remittance required for those sub contracted services, contained within the PRO FORMA INVOICE I sent you this morning?  In effect, you are being asked for no more than that, you would pay your own staff so I have no doubt you will organise your bought ledger system to register ALL of the customers you have already requested information from, ( that in turn, has enabled you to seek payment from YOUR customer for the same service) , and remunarate them in similar fashion? 

I did try and effect this obligation to your own site but sadly, the content and lack of facilities therein are more than somewhat lacking, to do so..  

I look forward to receiving my remittance in due course so that the services you requested can be expedited without further delay.  

posted by Davc | 4 weeks ago
Re: Morrisons read meter

Hi Anders, this is extreme, do you charge the supermarket when you do a Self Checkout, or Network Rail when you use a ticket machine. Morrisons do two jobs for SP  they take and request meter readings, and they check meters for safety and fraud, the latter is a statutory duty.