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Move home abroad

posted by sadaniboise | 4 years ago

Hi all,

need help on how to close the account when moving home to abroad. I have called the CS of scottish power, but the account is still exist. I couldn't close the account online as it's required the new UK address before closing in.



posted by  AlanT | 4 years ago
Re: Move home abroad

Hi @sadaniboise

You can end your ScottishPower account by calling our customer service line on 0800 027 0072.

I have checked your account details and can see your gas account has been closed to 9th January 2018 and a payment has been taken to clear the balance.

Can I check this answers your query?

posted by marita | 3 years ago
Re: Move home abroad
Hello I have moved abroad and can’t close my existing gas and electricity accounts as the address is not listed in your space as it isn’t a Uk address.
Moved date 14/08/2019 .
I haven’t been able to send an email either as there is no option for that. I have provided up to date meter reading for electricity account

posted by Jonnel | 3 years ago
Re: Move home abroad

@marita Yes, you can close your account without having to give a European address, you just need to send them notice that you're closing it. And you need to, because as long as the supply is registered in your name you will be responsible for it and Scottsh Power may well chase you for any charges to it. Is there no final bill to pay?

Plus, if someone moves into your old address and decides not to register themselves as new occupiers, SP will charge their bill to you.

posted by Eve1976 | 2 years ago
Re: Move home abroad

How do I go about closing my account as I am relocating tot he Netherlands. The new owners are due to move in on the 6th

posted by asche19 | 2 years ago
Re: Move home abroad


Once cannot call the 0800 027 0072.number, while being abroad.

What is the actual landline number that connects from the 0800 number?


posted by Davc | 2 years ago
Re: Move home abroad

@asche19   We are sometimes asked this but there does not seem an easy answer. You can use internet chat by clicking Complaints at the bottom of this page and a chat window opens.

posted by asche19 | 2 years ago
Re: Move home abroad

Nobody is replying to my chat request.

So I sent an email with the final meter readings.

Or is there some other way?