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Move home - less heads

posted by Charix | A year ago

We are currently in a shared property with 4 adults and 1 kid people. The estimated bill is created and I am paying the DD according to that. Is it possible to adjust the tarrif or change the DD amount when I move to a not shared house? It would be a family only.


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posted by  Gordon | A year ago
Re: Move home - less heads

Hi @Charix yes this is absolutely something that would happen already. All you would have to do is go to the moving home section in your online account or go to this link www.scottishpower.co.uk/movinghome What would then happen when you move home is that we would close down the account for your old home and provide you with a new estimate for your new home based on the size of the property and how many family members are now living there. Hope everything goes well with the move!

posted by Charix | A year ago
Re: Move home - less heads
Thank you so much !!

posted by  Eilidh | A year ago
Re: Move home - less heads

Glad we could help @Charix Smiley Happy

posted by Nina | A year ago
Re: Move home - less heads


We moved yesterday into a new flat. I provided Scottish Power with meters about the old address and paid online. I filled in the form for moving address and gave information about my new address. However, on the new address,  there is already different supplier.  I would like to be supplied with electricity from this different supplier and not from Scotish power. How can I cancel the service of Scottish power (as the form of moving do not ask if I would like to continue to be supplied from Scottish Power or not? It seems like I must be supplied with Scottish Power. 

Thank you