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Moving home - With delay? Freeze period?

posted by sercasa | A month ago

Hi, I have the Online Fixe Priced Energy April 2018 and I'm moving in less than a month to a new house/ development. 

My developer has set up Eon as gas/electricity supplier for the development. I would like to continue with Scottish as I don''t want to pay exit fees and I think is a good tariff, but the developer has suggested me to get my first bill from Eon and then change provider.  They said if I try to change  immediately they  are 2 different departments and they do not ‘talk’ or share information with each other.

If that's the case , I don't know if there is a way to freeze my account until I get the fist bill Eon and then change. Otherwise I don't see any other option  as I am not going to be paying two different bills as this house is rented and they will probably have other tenants when I leave. 

Is there any way to do this in a good way? I mean, must the switch be immediate (move in/out in the same day) or can I put  a month difference for example between move out and move in ? 






Top answer

posted by  AlanT | A month ago
Re: Moving home - With delay? Freeze period?

Hi @Sergio

You won't have to worry about any exit fees when you move out of your current address as any exit fees do not apply when an account is being closed due to moving home.

When moving into a new build house, it can take a little longer than usual for an account to be created in your name as this can be a complex procedure when registering new supplies so I can understand why the developer has advised you to wait until you are registered with EON.

Unfortunately we will not be able to transfer your Online Fixed Price Energy April 2018 Deal to your new home but ScottishPower have other excellent and competitive deals that we can offer you.

Good luck with your move.


posted by sercasa | 4 weeks ago
Re: Moving home - With delay? Freeze period?

Hi Alan, 

Thanks for the info, it´s been very useful. So in summary which is the procedure to follow?

Do I need to close my account and how can I do it? Is it possible to do it online or do I need to phone a specific number?

I say this because on the website I only see the option of moving home  where you have to put move in/out, but not sure if this is the rigth way as I don´t have a real date of moving out. 





posted by  AlanT | 4 weeks ago
Re: Moving home - With delay? Freeze period?

Hi @Sergio

Yes you would need to close your account when you lose responsibility of the property. The best thing to do would be to take some meter readings on the day you lose resposibility and you can either update your home move details through the ScottishPower website or you can call out customer service number on 0800 027 0072.